November 2008

November 28

I’m going to have to start hiding the presents from myself!

Okay, I am not good with secrets (except when they are being kept from Karolyn and Eric!!).  I am terrible with keeping things to myself.  But I am positively incompetent when it comes to unopened packages.  I cannot handle it.  Seeing them there, even when I know what is inside, eats me up.  We got 3 packages in the mail today.  Aunty Marlys sent a bday gift for Holly (which I almost let her open immediately until I found on the outside the notation that describes the contents.  I guess the US Postal Service doesn’t like secrets either.  But even worse was the ginormous box (with matching smaller box) that arrived at the post office today.  I lugged it to my car, knowing that it was the dollhouse I had ordered weeks ago for the girls’ Christmas Present; but, I still spent the 10 minute drive home pondering what it looked like, what the dolls were wearing, and what could possibly be in the smaller package.  I lasted about 9.3 seconds before I had ripped open the tape and peered inside.  It is so awesome!  I can’t wait to…..
HOLD ON!!!!  Who is it for again?  Oh right, my daughters… 
Do you think they’ll let me play with it?
November 25

It says moo, for the record.

I have been waiting for something noteworthy to happen, but I think if I do that, you’ll forget who I am.  I am sitting at my computer waiting to hear if I have plans tonight or not, and not one of the regular blogs that I read has been updated since I checked them sunday.  And I feel annoyed.  I am trying to procrastinate here, and NO ONE will help me.  Why is that?  Did Bruce call them all up individually and tell them that under no circumstances was I to engage in mindless internet surfing until he could see the floor again?  Not likely actually.  But he should.  How else will I muster up the will power to clean my house?  Luckily for me there is an incentive coming next week in the form of the FAMILY.  Who will all be here, staying in various places, to celebrate that my lovely dark haired daughter has turned 1.  One week from thursday she will be a toddler.  Seems unbelievable to YOU?  Also, and this is really more for Joan, the dollhouse has been mailed and will be here this week!!!  Which means I get to start wrapping things!!  It is my favourite part.  I am actually looking forward to decorating the house this year, but it seems like jumping the gun if I set up the tree BEFORE I vacuum the floor, so neither one are getting done.  Do you understand how my mind works?
Bronwyn is starting to sleep better, not waking up in the middle of the night as often, and going back to sleep more easily when she does.  But all the added energy is doing is making me want to get out of the house more.  The Early Years Centre has been a boon this past week when it has been so cold and miserable.  Bronwyn really loves playing there, and will amuse herself for a good 2 hours, which leaves me free to play with Holly one-on-one.  This is certainly proving beneficial to her.  I don’t know how parents of more than one child teach the second one anything.  I can’t use my usual approach of asking leading questions to get the kids to talk, or think because if I ask Holly to point to the dog in the book or tell me what the cow says, Bronwyn jumps in with the answer.  Not only does she answer the question, she does it with this unbelievable, my-mom-can-be-so-dense look. 
In a way, I think she pities me.  I mean, how is it possible that I STILL don’t know what the cow says?!
November 11

we’re going to try this again…

I feel as if I have been underwater these past few weeks.  But I woke up monday with a renewed energy.  Now that my house is in relative order, some banana bread has baked, and my dogs have been walked, I feel up to tackling my blog.  Don’t expect too much though. 
For starters, Holly turns 1 next month.  Eek!  She’s quite the wild child, and quite the charmer!  An endearing combination, fortunately.  So it is hard to get exasperated when I have to pull her off the plants 47 times an hour.  She isn’t nearly as frusterated as Bronwyn when she can’t do something, mostly because she can do most things.  Yesterday, for instance, she climbed up on the wooden motorcycle and after rocking for, oh, 2.5 seconds, she decides it would be more fun to climb ON the seat.  So she gets her fat legs up under her, and holding on to the handlebars, she begins practising for her career as a circus performer.  Soon, one leg is stretched out beside her as she revels in the balancing act and the astonished cheers of her favourite people. 
When she isn’t performing death-defying stunts, and practising her vocabulary (mama, dad, du (duck) and gennel (gentle)- I kid you not), she likes to play in the toilet, pull all her diapers out of the package, and pull all the shoes off the rack.  Although, who am I kidding, how many shoes are actually ON the rack to begin with?!?!?  She eats everything we eat, and has started using a spoon and a cup.  She may only have two teeth, but she uses them well, eating apples with the skin on, whole bananas, mini pancakes, chuncks of cheese, and, her favourite, chicken and bean quesedillas. 
Bronwyn is speaking well.  Her enunciation is good, and her vocabulary is expanding daily.  She has also started copying phrases she hears, like “Go Bills Go” and “Touchdown!!”.  Too much sunday football? 
I was going to save this as a draft and continue later, but I am not fooling anyone, it might be ages before it gets posted and by that point all this info will be old, so excuse the bluntness, I have to go…
I’m editing this to add that tonight after her bath, Holly played in an empty box of diapers for 20 minutes.  It would have been longer but I pulled her kicking and screaming from it to put her to bed.  Just in and out, and out and in for TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES…. sheesh, when have I ever done something that pointless for that long.  Oh wait, tv!

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