April 2008

April 23

Spring Purging

Just wanted to give everyone an update.  Bronwyn has taken to toilet training better than I could have hoped.  She happily does her business in all manner of strange toilets, for a variety of people and even managed to deposit a particularly stinky by-product in the potty for my subsequent inspection and lavish praise.  And of course “two” Smarties.  Now after the potty routine, when I hand her the bowl to choose her own Smartie, she carefully takes one and then before even placing it in her mouth, looks up with those big brown eyes and says “two”?  It is endlessly endearing, but of course, not possible to comply.  Although, maybe this will teach her her numbers?
She also likes to clap every time that Bruce or I successfully use the toilet.  She gets such a big grin and looks so proud.  Mirroring our own reactions to her achievements no doubt. 
I started Spring Cleaning today.  It is a good thing Bruce isn’t around during the day.  I believe anything we haven’t used in the last year, or anything that I can’t recognize the purpose of, gets tossed.  Not that Bruce is in any way a pack rat or a hoarder, but these things are always best done solo, I think.  Too much discussion over what stays and what goes ensues when there is more than one pair of hands doing the purging. 
I must keep this short though, because today is the first day I put Bronwyn down for her nap without a diaper and I want to be there for the first I’m-awake-now whimpers. 
April 15

Knock on wood

Spring has finally arrived!  Bronwyn and I have been out each day enjoying the sunshine, and her newfound ability to walk unassisted over rough terrain.  It was difficult to go anywhere with her this winter.  The heavy jacket, cumbersome boots and fear of falling in the cold snow all amounted to one over-burdened mom.  When Holly arrived, it was even more difficult.  I may have lost the belly and I could certainly breathe easier, but I was forced to become a master of all types of tricky manouvering.  The end goal: to always make the fewest number of trips.  I was to the point where I became increasingly annoyed and even scornful at Bruce when he failed to keep up in the bringing-in-bags olympics.  But now that Bronwyn can walk on her own, I should be able to manage with just one trip each way!  Hooray!
Besides the weather, the other things that are making me happy these days are my kids.  Holly weighed in at just 2 oz shy of 16 lbs at her 4 month check-up.  She is 25 in long.  She also rolled over from her back to her front this evening before bed, and her legs are getting surprisingly strong.  She likes to bounce up and down in my lap, working up a baby sweat as she tones those hams and quads.  Her hair is getting longer which means it no longer stands straight up in the back, but falls over.  It gives her a whole new look.  I can’t get over how pretty she is.  Her features are really pleasing in my (completely biased) opinion!!
But perhaps the biggest news is concerning Bronwyn.  Since saturday, Bronwyn has only been wearing diapers for naps, bedtime, and when we leave the house.  She has only had a handful of accidents and mostly due to dribbling or when mommy forgets and plays outside with her for 2.5 hours this afternoon and doesn’t offer her a potty break….
This morning when we returned from Bible study after 5 hours of being in her diaper, I removed it to find it was completely dry.  This gives me hope that we can try short trips into town sans nappy.  I have been advised to just do it, and when Bronwyn had her first real accident this afternoon and didn’t panic at the feel and sight of her soaked pants it gave me a good feeling that this time the training will stick.  We had tried about a month ago with zero success.  She was afraid of the potty and didn’t care that she was wet.  But now she tells us she wants to go and can empty her bladder fully in one sitting.  Well, that might be an over-statement.  One sitting with prompting.  Since she receives a Smartie for each “deposit” she likes to draw the process out.  Clever chimp!
So I apologize for the lack of blogging action, but you’ll forgive me if I say I have just been having too much fun!

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  1. Sarra Alexander December 17, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

    Very informative post. I’m learning more about training my toddler to use the potty from reading the info on your site, then I’ve ever did from the advice given to me by my own mom. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Google Bookmarks?

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