March 2008

March 19

I just thought of one

I remembered one funny incident. 
As most of you are aware, Bronwyn does not have too many super-clear words in her vocabulary yet.  But there is one that is unmistakable.  While Elaine and I were in Sears shopping for new nursing bras, we see Bronwyn across the department (with Stef) gesturing frantically at the mannequins and shouting “boob boob” for the whole store to hear!!!

A Tale of Two Poops

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not writing more about our trip to Sudbury, but really, not too much happened that is blog-worthy.  Although if anyone would like to remind me of something, I would be happy to write about it. 
Secondly, I would like to apologize for the fact that all my latest blogs have revolved around bodily functions.  However, I have two babies, and pee and poop take up a good portion of my day.  So chances are, my stories will involve one or the other!
On to my tale:
We had invited a couple over to our place tonight for supper.  The invite was extended to another friend as well, so our table was set for six (Holly got the floor at our feet!).  While I was making dinner and cleaning the house though, I wasn’t really watching Bronwyn that closely.  FYI when did she learn to open the doors?!  Bruce caught her trying to get out of the house tonight!  So when Bronwyn pointed to her bum I just flicked off her diaper and let her run around.  I could hear her playing on the stairs and was just making a mental note to maybe put up the baby gate after I finished with the chicken, when I heard a little scream and the sound of all 22 lbs of her “racing” up the stairs.  I rushed over, remembering the highchair tray incident, to find a terrified toddler staring at me from the middle of the stairs.  “What happened?” I question her.  She points to the landing.  I look down to find a pile of baby poop sitting innocently on the carpet. 
I am trying to not make a big deal out of this toilet training thing.  I try to be low-key and nonchalant, and let her go at her own pace.  Do you think I may have set her back by laughing?!  I couldn’t help it.  To be scared of something so unscary as poop is funny to me.  I hope I managed to hide my grin well enough to not scare her off pooping.  THAT would not be funny!
Several hours later, during dinner, as the conversation started leaning less towards bodily fluids and more towards the risk/benefit of nuclear power vs wind, is the setting for the second tale of poop.  “Could you fix Holly?” I ask Bruce, innocently, as she starts to fuss from being in her chair too long.  He reaches over to scoop her up, and a more horrified, revulsed countenance I have not seen before.  From Bruce, not Holly.  Holly looked rather pleased with herself, with slimy yellow poop running down her leg, and into her socks.  It was several moments before we could take it all in, and precious seconds were lost as we all stared dumbly as poop slowly dripped on the carpet and onto Bruce’s last pair of clean pants.  That is what I get for being lazy and throwing a disposable on her.
Our guests were quite good about it, and the food continued to be consummed while I quickly bathed Holly and Bruce spot-cleaned the carpet. 
I just remembered.  I left all her clothes etc in the bathtub to be attended to later.  And later is now.  Pooptastic. 
March 12


Most children have a favourite word at this age.  Usually it is “no” but Bronwyn prefers “uh oh”.  She uses it in all sorts of appropriate and not-so-appropriate contexts.  Like right before we left from Sudbury, I hear “uh oh.  UH oh.  uh OHHHH!!!”.  I race down the stairs to find Bronwyn at her high chair holding onto the tray for dear life, Cheerios everywhere.  She wouldn’t have fallen out had the tray dislodged, but I doubt she knew that and it scared her badly.  But then again, she will also scream out “uh oh” after she deliberately spills water out of a toy in the bathtub.  Everything is an emergency to a toddler. 
So today when she came racing out of the bathroom (you’d think I would learn after the oven mitt incident?!) I was part nervous part resigned.  I had left her there only moments before because she had pointed to her bottom and said “bum”.  So I asked her if she needed to use the potty.  She nodded and we traipsed off to remove her pants and diaper and lift the lid to her new potty. 
Immediately after I had accomplished these small tasks, Holly began to wail in the next room.  I left Bronwyn to explore the potty, figuring, even if she did pee all over the floor without her diaper on, the bathroom would be my first location choice.  Return now to the “UH OH” portion of the story where Bronwyn races out of the bathroom, bare-bottomed, to inform me of her latest toddler tragedy.  Picking up Holly, I allow myself to be dragged into the bathroom.  I quickly scan the floor: no wet spots.  I raise my gaze several inches and visually sweep again.  No obvious signs of chaos and destruction above floor level either.  I return my full attention to Bronwyn now who is frantically pointing at her potty.  I look inside, and there I am amazed to find a few ounces of urine gleaming from inside!!!  Bronwyn used the potty (appropriately and effectively) and she didn’t even need my help!  In fact, the whole incident reminds me of this heartrenching day. 
More stories about the previous week spent in Sudbury to be posted when I have more time. 

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