December 2008

December 22

Some things I’ve been thinking about…

Sesame Street: I think it is one thing to have Ben Stiller dressed up as a piece of cheese and chatting with Telly, but Kim Cattrell?  Spouting off a monologue of “fabulous”?  Not sure what they are thinking.  And the actors themselves?  SNL getting such poor ratings that they need to appear at ten in the morning on a children’s network?
And how do you walk the line between bossiness and assertiveness?  For instance: today Bronwyn told me to sit on the floor to eat my yoghurt.  I said “no” because I didn’t want to.  She kept demanding, and asking nicely, and then offered me a treat!  How can she distinguish from when I tell her she must go to bed and she doesn’t want to, from her telling me where to sit when I don’t want to?  I mean, I know the difference, but it isn’t anything that a two year old can understand, is it?
Holly has developed a new way to communicate.  Instead of words, when you guess what she wants, she gives you a hug. 
Do I really want to know if the baby I am carrying is a boy or a girl?
When the baby comes, should I move Holly into Bronwyn’s room in a crib and buy a new crib for Baby; should I move her into Bonwyn’s room on a mattress on the floor until they are older; should I move Bruce and I downstairs and keep all three kids in their own rooms upstairs; or, should I buy bunkbeds for the girls (two twins won’t fit)?  No, buying a new house is not an option!
I think I want to change my blog to another website, any suggestions?  I don’t have any money to spend on a nice one like typepad or something either.  Too bad…!
Every pregnancy makes me cry at something different.  With Bronwyn, anything small world got me weeping.  Stories about people being extra kind, or meeting up with long lost family members got me every time.  With Holly it was that darned drunk driving commercial where the baby screamed for fifteen whole seconds until you realized her mother was NEVER COMING BACK!  Really anything that featured a child being abused or neglected in any way got me going.  This time, it is more difficult to pinpoint.  I started sobbing when I spied balloons flying off someone’s mailbox and I started picturing when I would have birthday parties for my kids.  I nearly lost it when Donald Duck aka Scrooge tried to scowl at Tiny Tim when the teddy bear falls out of his pocket, but can’t quite keep himself from smiling.  And any book that features a child hero that defies all odds gets me bawling.  Oh yeah and when Little Critter never forgets to have his mom read him a bedtime story and kiss her goodnight.  Sob.
My parents used to tell me that mannequins were children who were too slow and didn’t make it out of the store before closing.  They also used to turn off movies at the commercial and tell us they were over.  It was YEARS before I knew how Anne of Green Gables actually ended.
December 16

Cookie Saga Part II

We had another cookie incident.  What can I say, the girl likes her empty calories!
I woke up to hear Bronwyn rustling around in the kitchen.  I decided to try to scare some sense into her, and proceeded to tiptoe into the kitchen area.  I snapped on the light and with my very sternest, school-marmiest voice demanded: “what are you doing, Cookie Monster?”.  Bronwyn’s face crumpled and she started sobbing.  “It’s me, mommy.  It’s me, Bronwyn”.  I continued to glare, and she continued to weep: “Look at my face, mommy, it’s ME, Bronwyn!!”.
At this point I caved, and trying my hardest to hide a smile, I beckoned her over and looked deep into her eyes, announcing that I believed her, and that she was indeed, Bronwyn.  The look on her face was pure relief.
December 15

First Report Card

Holly had her 1 year doctor’s visit today, complete with painful needles.  She weighs in at 24 lbs and 30 in.  Bronwyn is 26 lbs and 34 in fyi.  Holly appears to be either at or exceeding her 12 month status.  Even if she isn’t walking yet.  The NP was very thorough, even sticking a gloved finger in her mouth to check for teeth.  She can say mama, dada, milk and hi.  The usual fare.  She also knows where the dog is in her books, and loves giving kisses.  She is getting pickier in her food preferences, letting me know in no uncertain terms which foods are acceptable (peas, cheese buns) and which are not (peach oatmeal, bananas).  She can use a glass by herself- in fact she did, yesterday.  She found Bronwyn’s cup on the counter and drank the whole thig without spilling a drop.  Then she replaced it carefully back on the table.  Smart girl!  Her newest favourite game is “fort”.  Which is where she hides in and under stuff.  Also, she can climb nearly everything now.  Her mastery of stairs was surprisingly quick, seeing as I never let her near them.  Now she can even get off a high surface without falling.  Needless to say, I am very proud of my little acrobat, and figure it is only a matter of time before she escapes her crib and she is relegated to a mattress on the floor.  But not too soon, I am not ready!
Bronwyn has been extra clever this week.  We made cookies together on saturday and that night (midnight-ish) she came into my room with a cookie clenched in her fist, and whispered, “it’s ok mommy, I got a cookie by myself”.  She went to her room and I heard her again about 15 minutes later when she called out from the bathroom, “I turn light off now by myself, mommy”.  Who needs me?
Then sunday, we were watching the nativity story at the children’s program at church.  I pointed out the angels and shepherds, and Bronwyn looked up at me and whispered, “but where are the sheep?”.  I paused.  Good question.  As the shepherds were preparing to leave, she got a big smile on her face: “are the shepherds going to get their sheep now?”.  “Yes” I replied.  “Oh, they were outside?” Bronwyn reasoned.  “Of course, sheep can’t come inside the church” I explained.  Why didn’t I think of that. 
December 07

Move over Hooked on Phonix- I’ve got a new way to teach numbers!

We had our respective families over for the weekend to celebrate Holly’s birthday.  Good times all around.  Holly is thrilled with all her new toys.  And by Holly, I mean Bronwyn.
After everyone had left, we were sitting on the couch watching the Raptors lose…
Well, you know how you have things that you just SAY to your kids?  One thing that we always tell Bronwyn is that we love her and Holly TOO-OO-OO MUCH!  So Bruce was telling Bronwyn this, and asking her in return:
Bruce: You know I love you too much.
Bronwyn:  TOO much!
Bruce:  How much do you love me?
Bronwyn:  Too much!!
Bruce:  And how much do you love Holly?
Bronwyn:  Too much.
Bruce:  And how much do you love Mommy?
Bronwyn:  1-2-3 MUCH!
She loves me three much.  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s definitely more than too much, right?!

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