October 2008

October 28

a thousand….

Hopefully this picture will be worth just that…100_5447
October 13

Now if only she’d learn to make her own lunch…

This morning I was greeted by a cold surprise.  Usually, Bronwyn wakes up in the morning and crawls into bed with us.  This gives me a few more minutes of horizontal time, as well as some nice snuggles to start my day.  This morning was unusually dark, so when I heard the tell-tale thump of twenty-five pounds hitting the floor, and the subsequent opening (and closing) of her bedroom door, I was nervous.  It couldn’t be past 6:30, could it?  I snuck a peak at the clock- 7:38!  My mood lifted.  Then, when Bronwyn didn’t arrive immediately, I assumed she had decided to return to bed.  I was wrong- but not in a bad way.  I drifted back to sleep only to be reawakened by a cold hand on my shoulder and a stuffed bear over my nose.  As Bronwyn struggled to climb into our giant bed, I started to notice something.  She was cold.  I mean, really cold.  In fact, she was naked.  I rolled over. 
“Bronwyn” I asked.  “Where are your pajamas”?
“Nay-ed”!  She announced proudly.
“Yes, I see that, you’re cold, where are your pajamas… and your diaper”?!?!?  I am starting to get worried.  Am I losing my mind?  I DID dress her last night, right?!
“Ba-room.  Ronween pee paw-ee by hersell”.
“WHAT?  You took off your pjs and your diaper and peed in the potty all by yourself”?!?!
“Ya.  Two tweets mommy.  TWO tweets, Ronween all by hersell, pee paw-ee”.
Sure enough, upon entering the bathroom, I find a puddle of pink pajamas on the floor, a dry diaper beside the toilet, and a potty full of pee. 
Two treats are a small price to pay.

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