September 2008

September 30


I was given a gift when Holly was born.  It is a large bath towel with straps to wrap around your neck.  The idea behind the straps is that you wear it while your child has her bath so you don’t have to reach for the towel when the bath is over (presumably letting go of your child to do so) and has the added benefit of keeping you dry during the bath.  I was sceptical.  I use it constantly, it is my favourite towel.  It is huge, and soft, and I love the colour, but I didn’t think I would have much call to use the strappy things.  Until last night.  I feel bad for people who have more than one child.  It must be hard (and terrible for your self-esteem) to be reminded daily that you don’t know everything.  Some days I wonder if I ever knew anything and whether I ever will again.  I am sure that in about ten years I will know less than nothing, which is something to strive for at least…
Holly is not Bronwyn.  And I can’t be reminded of that enough.  Take last night for example.  I don’t even remember having to tell Bronwyn to sit in the tub, it never occured to her to stand!  She has only recently started to climb out of the tub, and only once the bath is over (never, for instance, while her hair is full of soap and she is clutching a sopping washcloth between her teeth).  Holly, on the other hand, refuses to sit still.  She splashes everyone and everything until our bathroom resembles New Orleans, and when she isn’t trying to escape the tub, she is attempting to plant huge, sloppy, soapy, kisses on my arms, face, head, anywhere she can grab hold. 
I love my second child.  I love her personality, and her temperment, and her hair!  I love the way she lunges towards me when someone else is carrying her.  I love the way she crawls into my lap in the middle of playing for a quick snuggle.  I love that, right now, while B is watching Curious George on tv, Holly is sitting in my lap, sucking her thumb, and playing with my earrings.  I love how her eyes are the exact same shade of brown as my sweater.  And that she only stands by herself if she thinks I’m not looking.  How she shares her food and toys by shoving them in your face, but when you reach for it, she yanks it back and shoves it in her mouth instead. 
My favourite part of motherhood (besides the early retirement package) is watching these small personalities bloom and blossom.  And trying to guess where the quirks we notice now, will surface as adults.  Will Holly’s determination to climb the stairs translate into a determination to do well in her studies?  Will her fascination with the piano toy turn into a love of music?  Will her adoration of the people close to her predict healthy relationships?  I have her whole life to find out.
September 17

Happy New Year!

No, I am not crazy…well, not like you think.  September has always signalled the start of a new year more than that pointless holiday we celebrate in december.  And yet, it is halfway through the ninth month and I am still going strong.  Autumn should be a time for regrouping, organizing, slowing down.  And yet, I can’t seem to convince my kids of this.  They are just not content to sit at home playing with Mr. Potato Head, or listening to me sing Veggie Tales songs in strange voices.  Not sure of the solution just yet, but I hope it will involve a lot of outings, and not a lot of carrying Holly around.  Yikes that child is huge.  She is weighing in at about 22 lbs now and is only a few inches less that Bronwyn.  She seems heavier to carry, but that probably has more to do with her tendency to become dead weight in my arms the second her fat bottom perches on my hip. 
I can’t blame her for wanitng to be carried more lately.  She is teething, and running a fever, and has a cold, and is being weaned to cow’s milk, and was left for a week with another baby who pulled her hair (she pulled his too, they are a good match-up so don’t start feeling sorry for one or the other).  But that doesn’t make her any lighter.  Cuter, yes.  I love the way she snuggles into me.  And snuffles in my hair.  And throws herself backwards so I can tickle her chin.  I can’t wait to see her personality blossom.
Bronwyn has certainly arrived in that respect though.  She has discovered how to play.  She is not very good at it yet, but she is learning to engage others in play, and uses her imagination in a rudimentary way.  Her current favourite game is hide and seek.  She orders someone to hide while she counts: 1-2-3-6-7-8-9-ready-or-not-here-I-come!  When it is her turn, she will eaither hide in the same spot you just vacacted, or under the covers on her bed.  She cannot do this without giggling uproariously, and the more inept your finding skills, the more hilarious it becomes.  This morning while cleaning the kitchen, I noticed it was pretty quiet.  I went to look for her and found a mound of covers on her bed, with a leg sticking out, and quiet laughter coming from underneath.  I don’t how long she was there “waiting” for me to find her.  I started to tell her she should tell me when we were playing, but thought better of it.  I mean, she was having fun on her own. 
Her singing and memory are improving.  She likes to sing the age-old favourites like the ABCs, Twinkle twinkle, and Rock-a-bye-baby.  But my favourite is “Teeter totter milk and wawa”.  If she doens’t know a word, she makes one up.  Kind of liker her counting, actually!  She can recognize “B” for Bronwyn and “H” for Holly and “E” for Ethan.  She now knows everyone’s names and her pronounciation is improving.  She also has stopped giggling every time she attempts a new word.  We haven’t hit the mind-numbing stage of “WHY”, but it shouldn’t be long.  Also, I weaned Bronwyn of her soother last week.  Tonight she went down without a fuss for the first time since thursday night.  I am so proud of her.  And me.  Definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done.  My parents think it is retribution for the 10 days of horror I made them endure when I threw my own soother out the window at 18 months.  So, sorry mom and dad.  Really.

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