January 2009

January 26

How things change…

I can’t remember if I wrote this story or not, but here goes:
Over Christmas, Bronwyn was playing with these four Christmas Trees that stacked inside each other.  Bruce’s Uncle John asked her which Tree was the Bronwyn Tree.  She pointed to the 3rd biggest tree.  Intrigued, we asked her to identify the Holly Tree.  She pointed to the smallest Tree.  Finally we asked her to show us which Tree represented Mommy and Daddy.  No pause, she showed us the biggest Tree and declared it to be Mommy, and the next biggest was Daddy.
Did she see me as more important, or just bigger (shudder) than Bruce?  More important we figured.
Fast forward 6 weeks:
Bronwyn: Come play with me mommy.
Me: Ok, what should we play?
Bronwyn:  I be Dora, and you be Boots, k?
HUH?!  Now I’m her SIDEKICK?!?!?
January 13

I had a really clever one in the car, but, as per usual, it has fallen out of my brain.

Well, yes, there has been a significant gap in my written life.  Thank you to all who have reminded me…
The real problem is that I compose these great blogs in my head, and then forget all about putting them in words.  Or, more realistically, just don’t bother.  I started writing like this for me anyway, and so once my thoughts have been separated, sifted, and ordered in my head, it becomes secondary to actually write them down.  The fun part is over.  Plus, I always make up a catchy title that rarely translates outside my brain.
Today I had another OB appointment.  This baby is pretty big, as my doctor is overly fond of reminding me at each monthly visit.  He chuckles like it is his own personal joke.  Funny, sir. 
Christmas was a time of memories, to be sure.  Harder than I expected, and the girls still haven’t recovered.  Next year will be different.
I have resumed my quilting.  It is time to actually quilt this sucker together, and I am really looking forward to learning how to do this last part.  It would have happened today only Bronwyn decided that she would rather sit by herself on her bed all afternoon than stay in the church nursery during Bible Study, so we left early.  A shame that we couldn’t put the quilt together on the big tables, but a huge victory for me in the never ending mother-daughter Battle of Wills.  I win so infrequently these days…
There was a funny story about Bronwyn that I was supposed to record here, that Bruce has been bugging me about.  But, like most things these days, it has left my brain.  Perhaps I will find it in the kitchen or under a pile of dirty laundry.  But if that is the case, don’t hold your breath.

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