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Another way in which I am an awesome mother

7 Jan

Before Christmas (and yes, we will return to Christmas blogging shortly) Walmart had a clear-out sale on school bags.  A whole bin of them for $2.

Josselyn does not tolerate random meandering down unnecessary aisles (for which our bank account thanks you) so I only had a glimpse, and couldn’t immediately bring to mind a use for more school bags, no matter how ridiculously priced, so we left without even looking at them.  However, I couldn’t get them out of my mind, and as I began to pack for our Christmas roadtrip (I can’t bring myself to call it a vacation as it has none of the required 4 S’s of Vacation: sun, sand, surf and/or skiing) I finally thought of the perfect use of a secondary packsack- overnight bags!

It was a “snow” day (with not a flake in sight) so I packed up all 3 kids to head to Walmart in search of awesome prices, mediocre selection, and horrific craftsmanship.  When we arrived I was dismayed (but not surprised) to find the $2 bin depleted.  Luckily there was also a $5 bin, and the girls and I spent the better part of half an hour digging through a hundred backpacks to find 3 different ones.

Josselyn’s was easy: Disney Princess in pink with sequins?  Deal.  Holly was quick: Disney Princess in blue and pink with sequins and sparkles?  Deal.  Bronwyn?  Not so much.

The girl is just not into girly stuff.  She rejected out of hand anything Princess.  She thought about the Fairies for about 10 seconds before deciding she could never own anything that purple.  And yet, she wanted something that wasn’t plain… but not too sparkly.  She almost settled on a boy’s, blue Zhu Zhu pets one when I pulled out… THE WINNER!  It was a tote style, over-the-shoulder, over-sized bag with matching binder and pencil case.  It was black with funky neon hearts and peace signs all over it.  I fell in love instantly.

Here’s where my good mothering comes in.

I let her get it.  AND, I let Holly get hers.

I did suggest that perhaps Holly would prefer a similar colour and matching style to the bag that Bronwyn was now joyously clutching to her chest.  And I may have unearthed an equally cute white one with orange and pink hearts all over it that I thought would be perfect for her.  And I definitely wondered if Holly would regret not going with MY choice when we got home and she realized that Bronwyn’s came with a matching binder and pencil case.  BUT, I didn’t force the issue.  Even though I would have loved Holly to have chosen the better bag.  The one not emblazoned with Princesses that screams FRANCHISE MERCHANDISE.  And I love the girls to be all matchy-matchy.  It makes my heart happy to see them coordinated.  But I let it be.

I think the bigger lesson of individuality could be learned from this.  As much as it would be easier to be raising cookie cutter children, that just isn’t the case.  They are each unique and special, and trying to mold them into clones of each other will come at a terrible price if I am not careful.  Although it would be great to try to instil into each of them the traits that I most respect and admire:  Bronwyn with her strong sense of self, and child-like (and yet so mature) faith; Holly with her sweet nature, daredevil, try-anything attitude, and cleverness; Josselyn with her determination, passion, and empathy.  Each of these things I wish they could all possess in spades, and it is precisely these qualities that make each of them special and unique.

I know I made the right choice when we got home and Holly decided that her new bag would now be her school bag and her old bag could be her overnight bag.  She was smitten with it.

And me?  Well, I think I’d still rather the girls match, but if it were up to them, 2 against 1 would have meant Bronwyn would now be sporting a grimacing Fairy or something equally garish!  Good choice, Julie.  Good choice.

Which one would YOU rather have?!?


When my life gets hard, these are things I never want to forget…

5 Oct


One morning last week, Bronwyn woke up early, and instructed me to stay in bed, while she fixed breakfast.  I came out to the kitchen and saw 4 bowls of cereal with milk, and a glass of water at each place.  She used everyone’s favourite colour dishes, and even remembered to use the almond milk for Joss.  And the best part?  Besides the fact that she didn’t spill a drop, and put everything back where it belonged?  My water was poured in a wine glass, because, according to Bronwyn, those cups are “fancier”.


Last week I asked Holly what she wanted for lunch at school that day.  She replied with, “oh anything… except what you made me yesterday”.  After further prodding, she told me that the crackers had touched her ham in the container and made the ham all “spoofy” (definition: where ham has cracker crumbs all over it, and renders the ham “slobbery”).  “I was really disappointed”.

I looked over in surprise (that she knew the word “disappointed” and that she used it so correctly in a sentence).  Holly misunderstood my look though, and quickly jumped in:

“Not disappointed in you, Mom; just disappointed in my lunch”.


Me:  How old are you Josselyn?

Joss:  Three!

Me:  No, you’re not three, you’re two!

Joss:  I DO three.  I DO!

Me:  Ok, ok… well, does that make you a big girl?  Or are you a baby?

Joss:  Me a Princess.

A moose, a bear and a racoon walked into a bar…

25 Feb

It’s been a while on the blogging front, so I thought I would share a bit of what we did this January/February in pictures:

We coloured.  On the windows, on the bathtub, on ourselves.  Once, Josselyn coloured all over the carpet with bath crayons.  The only place we didn’t colour was on paper.  Too old-school.

Holly is seen here posing on her *almost* finished quilt.  That is the back.

This one characterized so many things:

We played with Daddy.  We played with balloons.  We made Froot Loop necklaces, then ate them before Mommy could get a picture!  We wore leg warmers… really, the list could go on.

We played with tools in a princess skirt.  She had a screwdriver too- but I thought this picture really showcased the juxtaposition of her outfit with her activity.

We played outside.  This is the kids with their cousin Ethan at my parents place in Sudbury. There was a lot of playing, and a lot of silliness.

More playing…

More silliness.

We pretended to be groundhogs and not see our shadow. The girls (especially Bronwyn) have loved Groundhog Day every since last Groundhog Day.  They love to pop out of holes and pretend to see their shadow.  So what could be better than two ready-made groundhog holes right in the back yard?!?!?

We cried.  But not as much as usual.  Another post on that one soon.

We used our imaginations.  Holly and Josselyn are pretending to be driving.  Holly is the Mommy, and is, therefore, in the front seat.  Josselyn is “buckled” into her seatbelt in the back seat.  And the baby is buckled in behind her.  Apparently there is an “imaginary car hierarchy” that I was unaware of…

We loved our new cousin.  Aubrey is the cutest thing, and I am not just saying that because she looks just like me!  More like me than my own kids, I think!!  Genetics is a funny thing.

More love.

And more love.

Yep.  More love.  Josselyn thought that Aubrey was her very own babee to play with whenever she wanted.  She would sit with her on her lap on the couch and gently rock her.  If Aubrey started to fuss (which she always did) Josselyn would hush her and shove Purple over her face to calm her down.  This, of course, had the opposite effect, and what started as a little squirming and fussing soon turned to all-out kicking and wailing.  The solution?  More blanket!  What else would she want?!  By this point, Aubrey was rescued, and the look of bewilderment on Joss’s face was priceless.

More baby-loving!

We are almost finished February, and I hope to have pics to post soon of the girls at their swimming lessons.  I never did get one shot of Bronwyn skating.

Remember that March is my Blog Every Day Month.  I’m looking forward to it!