Sugar Shack 2011

23 Apr

Bruce’s coworker has a Sugar Shack.  An honest-to-goodness shack in the wilderness, surrounded by acres of Maple trees, whose sole purpose is to house an enormous woodstove, upon which you can boil liters upon tens of liters of sap.  There is also a couch.

That's a lot of sap!

The kids had a blast.  Most of the pictures are of Bronwyn and Holly though, because Josselyn spent the better part of two Saturdays sleeping in the truck.

Not happy to be awake...

Dipping her taffy into the snow- the best part of syrup-making!

This woodpile (for stoking the woodstove) was a source of amusement for all the kids for many hours. NB- not a single child got seriously injured!

After trying the sap straight from the source...

... we had a hard time keeping the kids out of the pails!

All in all a successful trip to the Sugar Shack.  The kids already want to know when we can go back!


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