In Joss News…

12 Apr

It has been awhile since I posted here.  I felt a little burnt out with blog-a-day March and needed a rest.  But after some well timed nagging from my husband (and others- you know who you are), and some practical “you can do it tonight while I am at my meeting; the kids will be sleeping (they’re not); Nicole is away tonight (so I can’t talk all night to her instead!); nothing is on tv (true, but unexpected company means that it is 9pm and I am only starting this post now); you’re not doing anything else (insert eye roll HERE)”.  But, point taken.  Time to update the old blog…

Josselyn has been thriving on her new diet.  She is gaining weight, she rarely wakes in the night screaming anymore.  She eats more variety at the table, and she is better able to control herself during the daytime.  She still fights with her sisters, and makes the most adorable sulky face you have ever seen.  It is so cute that Bruce cannot help but laugh when she does it, and that nearly always sends her into a R-A-G-E.  Which, truthfully, is also funny.  But we have learned to put on a serious face when her face turns purple.

I have successfully reintroduced gluten.  There have been no changes to her bowel habits for nearly 3 weeks now, so I am confident that gluten is not the culprit.  This week I am pushing soy in the form of soy beverages, soybeans, and tofu.  So far, no change.  In the next few weeks I am going to start experimenting with dairy products to see if there are any she can tolerate.  She definitely cannot handle even a small amount of hard cheese, or butter.  So we will stick to the Vegan Margarine spread that Becel makes.  It doesn’t taste like butter at all, but she doesn’t know the difference.  And, for the few times I use it, it lasts a long time.

This year, for Easter, Bruce and I are in agreement that we won’t be giving the kids any chocolate.  This will save the difficulty explaining to a 2 year old that she can’t have something her sisters have, while also eliminating the excess of chocolate that characterizes the holiday.  Instead we will hide plastic eggs with tokens in them that they can redeem for bigger prizes (and, sorry girls when you read this in a few years… but all the prizes are going to be things I planned on getting you anyway!) like new sand toys etc.  Plus, I won’t have to worry about Josselyn finding a stray egg and eating it when I am not looking.

Josselyn is starting to copy words that we say.  It is pretty cute.  Today she ran around church yelling “Nanielle!  NANIELLE!!!!!!!”.  Danielle was her favourite person today and they both thought they were  so important to be allowed to walk holding hands to the car (Danielle is 4 going 17!).

Today at the dinner table, I was trying to get her to say “Danielle” for Bruce with no luck.  When I say she copies our words, I mean their words.  I understand her pseudo-talk so she doesn’t feel the need to use words around me, only other, lesser humans who aren’t bilingual in Curious George speak.

She was too intent on her (dairy-free) Shepherd’s Pie (best I’ve ever made said Bruce) to pay any attention to me until…

Bruce: “say boobies”

Holly: “say POOP”

Bronwyn: “say diaper hahahahahahaha”


It is a Universal Truth that all children and Daddies think that bathroom talk is hilarious.  My nearly 2 year old un-excepted – she repeated every single word…


3 Responses to “In Joss News…”

  1. marlys April 12, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    I LITERALLY just taped up a box to ship to the girls… heads up…there’s chocolate in there hahaha

  2. Natalie April 12, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    …leave it to Bruce to start that off…:)

  3. Tiffany April 19, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    That’s so funny! I can’t wait until my Little Mister is old enough to have conversations like that at the dinner table LOL. Glad to hear the food reintroduction is going well too. That’s exciting!

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