I’m meelllttttiiinnnggggg…

20 Mar

I wish I were melting.  We arrived home last night in the dark.  Imagine my surprise when I get up this morning and find all the snow still on the ground.  After being in Cambridge and playing at the park in our sweaters, this was kind of a shock.  The Weather Network doesn’t sound promising either.  Below average temperatures for another week?  What kind of Spring is this?!

So, while I am still in a snowy mood, I will share some pictures from our trip to Galilean:

Snow Pig

Bronwyn and my mom built this snow pig, but it was Bronwyn who designed the face.  I am not 100% sure she intended it to be a pig when she started, but it sure looked like one when she finished!

Kissing her Pig

Holly wanted to get in on the action:

Posing with Pig

And then I caught her doing this:

Yes, she is licking the Snow Pig.  What a ham*!

*Pun fully intended…


One Response to “I’m meelllttttiiinnnggggg…”

  1. Natalie March 21, 2011 at 7:05 am #

    The snow pig is a winter trophy, congratulations!…so now following this accomplishment, the freeze thaw freeze thaw freeze thaw cycle continues…until stay thaw for a beach pig. Can’t wait.

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