13 Dec

Dear Three,

Well, well.  We meet again.  What do you have in store for me this time, I wonder?  I noticed that since you arrived a few days ago, you’ve upped your bag of tricks.  You even brought along a sidekick.  That’s right, you thought I wouldn’t notice Adventure?  He was pretty hard to miss the other day at the pool:  insisting on sliding down the 2 storey waterslide by himself; and not following the rules either.

There are lots of things I like about you, Three.  Your compassion, and compliance.  Not always, but usually.  Your sunny disposition.  Your ability to make friends.  Your love of puzzles.  Whether that is an actual puzzle, or just the puzzle of phonemes doesn’t matter.

You’re getting smarter too, Three.  This time around you have an unquenchable desire to read.  Not to be read to.  You have to do it on your own.  You know what all the letters say, and you can recognize all 26 in upper and lower case.  You know your numbers to 20.  You recognize patterns.  You sing louder than anyone I know.  But you do it in key, and with all the right words.

You display your independence, not by throwing fits, but by showing me how helpful you can be.  You are the family’s new official salad maker (and eater!).  You sort socks faster than your mother!  You are always willing and able to show me what new thing you can do; whether it is hopping on one foot, or getting yourself dressed, or carrying your sister.

You are deferential to Four (as is deserving of her rank and title, apparently!), and yet you can still stick up for yourself when needed.

You put yourself down for naps when you think you need them (usually at 4:45pm!).  You leave Lamby at home more often than not.  You are learning to keep your thumb out of your mouth unless you are really tired!  You never have accidents in the day, and rarely at night either.

I was a little worried when I knew you’d be coming, but I am happy with you, Three.  You are everything I hoped for, and nothing I was worried about.  You are welcome to stay for the next 356 days… as long as you don’t invite Tantrum and Defiance to visit!




Holly and her lamb friends!









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