“Wow, that’s a lot of stuff”

24 Nov

Yesterday, Bronwyn (finally) got to take the sharing bag home from school.  It is just a lunchbag (free from the Health Unit most likely) that the children in Bronwyn’s kindergarten class can take home and fill with things that mean something to them or that tell the class something about the child.

Bronwyn immediately dumped out her box of “treasures” and began to sort and place them into the bag.

“Are you sure you have enough” I ask?

“Oh, I can bring as many things as I want”.

I managed to convince her to leave some of the things behind, and also that she could group things to make it easier to discuss them.  For instance, she wouldn’t need a story about each rock in her rock collection if she presented them together.

“But, mom, they are all so beautiful and different“.

She came home with all her things crammed into her homework bag.

“I gave the bag to Louie”.




“Louie!  My best friend at school” (insert 4-year-old eye roll here).

I asked how the kids liked her presentation:  shrug.

I asked if there was enough time to talk about everything:  “sure”

I asked if anyone in her class said anything about any of her treasures:  “one kid said he liked going to the dentist too”.

I asked what her teacher said: “that’s a lot of stuff…”


List of Things Bronwyn brought to JK Show and Tell

Baby Pig, Bacon, rock collection, troll from the dentist, CPK birth certificate (Aubree), note from Marlys, note from Karolyn, Valentine from Madeline, Valentine from my Grandma, picture Madison drew of the time we went to the museum, necklace with a fairy on it (because she likes to pretend she is friends with the fairies), soccer medal, soccer picture, Christmas picture of the girls (2010), a marble, a tiddly-wink, Baby Pig’s skipping rope, a ceramic pig she painted, a dice with different colours on it (because she likes lots of colours), and her nametag from her first year in the Ladies’ Coffee Hour nursery.


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