Some Things I Am Going to Want to Remember Later

17 Nov

Josselyn is about 22 lbs give or take.  She is giddy and independent (she walked off with Lauren from the nursery last Sunday without a backward glance!).  She and Holly can play together, and not just peek-a-boo; but Babies, and Strawberry Shortcake, and The Floor is Made of Water.

We got our flu shots last week and Bronwyn didn’t cry, Holly didn’t even flinch, and Josselyn only cried for a few seconds.

Holly likes to tell jokes: Knock knock what makes more noise than a Lamb?  5!

Bronwyn still enjoys school and is making some friends.  She likes to play with floor toys, and is starting to “get” colouring.

Holly started Preschool with Danielle and Danica.  They were the only 3 to not cry the first day!  And Holly isn’t even 3 yet!

Bruce has been very considerate lately, letting me go out for dinner alone or drive to Ottawa to visit friends once a week, or even not complaining when I spend money.  Almost 7 years, it’s hard to believe.

Pioneer Clubs is going well.  I wish I was able to put in a stronger commitment, and it feels like I have missed a lot of days, but I think it is just the time of year.  Last night was Soccer Camp Reunion and there were lots of kids there.  Even more, there were lots of parents there too.  Parents who didn’t look like they particularly wanted to be there, but made the effort for the sake of their kids.  Inspiring, for sure.

Bronwyn and Holly were adorable last night, too.  They played the games.  Holly kicked the soccer ball better than Bronwyn.  She scored a few times against the “goalie” and didn’t even miss the net.  She also remembered to put her foot on the ball to stop it.  I think the leaders were impressed.  I know I was.  Bronwyn stayed with her group all night and didn’t even try to sit with me during the singing.  She made room for Holly though and the two of them did all the actions and sang all the songs and looked like they were having a great time.  Then we went home and pointed out Christmas lights.  “Where are our Christmas lights, Mom?”  “That’s Daddy’s job”.  Whispered to Holly from Bronwyn, “we’d better ask him then Holls”.

Holly can write her name easily and well, and has been able to for at least 9 months.

Both girls can spell the following words: Bronwyn, Marlys, Holly, Mommy, Daddy.  They both know their birthdays, their own first, middle and last names and the first, middle and last names of everyone in the family.  They can both sing “Oh, Canada”.  They recognize the word “pizza” and think that Boston Pizza is either the “bugs and cheese place” or the “sad, happy, sad place” (because of the wavy lines on the walls).

Josselyn drinks from a real cup and uses utensils effectively.  She rarely eats with her fingers, and never wears a bib.

Bronwyn gets herself buckled into her seatbelt, and Holly can do the top.  All the girls (even Joss) yell “surprise” whenever they get into their seats themselves!

I am so proud of each one of them, and for completely different reasons.  Girls:  I love you!


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