Feeling Inspired

17 Nov

Karolyn just called and asked me to try to remember when Bronwyn reached a bunch of talking related milestones for a project she is working on.  “No problem, I’ll just check the blog!”  I got the information, but I continued reading.  I had forgotten so many of those stories.  So many of the things that Bronwyn just “did”.

So, I am feeling inspired.  I don’t have a funny story to write, or a humorous slant on a current issue, but I feel like writing.  And, well, it’s MY blog!

Andrea had her baby yesterday.  A whopping 10 lbs 13.5 oz.  All natural.  Well, except for the induction part, but I don’t count that.  They have named her Grace Helen, and she was born in the same room that both Holly and Josselyn were born in.  And, Holly’s middle name is Grace too.  AND, Holly was also born on a Tuesday.  Weird.  Anyway, we went to visit them and I was swarmed with so many memories.

Watching the girls play reminded me so much of each time I was the one sitting on the bed with my own baby in her bassinet.  Like the time Holly was born, and Bronwyn couldn’t care less, and just spent the morning playing under the desk.  Joss is older now than she was then!

Holly and Josselyn spent the next little while running through the curtain.  “Funny” Andrea remarked, “Sammy and Rachel were doing that just before you got here”.  Who needs toys, eh?

Holding Grace, I wasn’t jealous that I didn’t have a new baby to feed, clean up after, wake up at 3am with take home.  I didn’t physically ache because my body wasn’t incubating a promising parasite: not like I felt between pregnancies before.  It was liberating to know that I could hold a baby, coo at her sleeping face, and still not want to have one of my own.  Maybe I really am ready to be done.



One Response to “Feeling Inspired”

  1. natalie November 17, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

    Fun diverse cumulative update…thanks…

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