The Weekend that Wasn’t

11 Nov

Last weekend I went to Ottawa to visit with a couple of friends.  A few others heard about it and decided to join and it ended up being a nice visit between old friends that I haven’t seen since my wedding.  Actually, I think it was my wedding!  Anyway, good times.  But, not the good time we had planned.  I arrived and we went to the toy fair.  We were happily elbowing the Quebecois out of the way, while simultaneously being run over by jogging strollers being pushed by yummy mommies in their yoga pants, reaching for the one-toy-I-came-for-I-promise when Jenn got the call that our friends had arrived.  We looked at each other guiltily.  “They made good time” I said.  We tried to get back as fast as we could, but our earlier decision to park as far away as we possibly could in the name of free parking across the street cost us valuable time.  It was enough time, actually, for Serena to lose her purse at Tim Horton’s.  Since when does Seanie even carry a purse?  And why aren’t you at Starbuck’s?

Anyway.  Crisis averted, purse located, dinner consumed.

Next morning we woke up lazily, made brunch slowly, and meandered our way to the spa (where we had visions of lazing in hot pools talking and laughing, and just generally catching up).  What we saw was a line-up of people just to get into the spa.  This is not going to end well, I thought.

After waiting for well over an hour and not even seeing the line move, we re-evaluated.  “Let’s just grab an early supper at the Swiss (where else?) and go back tonight”.  It was agreed, and we hurried back to town to partake in the Festive Special: white meat, fries.

Long story short: we never made it back.  We didn’t go to a fancy restaurant, and we couldn’t get into the comedy club we wanted.

It was the Best.Weekend.Ever!

I barely spent any money.  And we did what we set out to do: catch up with old friends.  It didn’t happen over fancy hors d’oeuvres I can’t pronounce, or beside a fake waterfall, or even over Pumpkin Spice Lattes (oh, wait- we did do that!!).  We just talked in the car, and on the couch, and while making food.  We talked during dishes, and while we waited for Melissa to change out of her bathing suit, and in the line for coffee.

It was awesome. It was memorable.  It was productive.  And I learned a new game!

Let’s not wait another 7 years, ok girls?


3 Responses to “The Weekend that Wasn’t”

  1. mj November 11, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    i feel like i am STILL wearing my bathing suit.

    isn’t this blog supposed to be about your babies? nary a mention of them mrs. howarth. tsk tsk! 🙂

  2. Jessica November 12, 2010 at 11:26 am #

    new game? have you tried Dominion yet?

  3. Julie November 12, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    You’ve obviously not read a single other entry Melissa!! Dripping with cuteness. I promise!

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