First Sick Day

11 Nov

I have heard from a bunch of other parents this week about how Daylight Savings Time is wreaking havoc with their kids’ schedules.  It seems just as everyone is getting into a good fall routine, “they” mess things up by changing the clocks.

Not so for my family.  I welcomed the time change like I welcome spring itself.  No more fighting to wake the kids up at 7:30am for school.  No more fighting to get them to bed before 8pm so I can watch Fringe they can get to bed at a decent hour.  Not only do they now go to bed at 7pm, they also go easier, and wake up better rested.

I will be singing a different song come March…

Today was supposed to be a productive day.  Bruce was off for Remembrance Day, and I had booked appointments for everyone.  It was supposed to be Holly’s first visit to the dentist, and I figured that while one of us was in the chair, the other could look after the kids and still make sure Holly got her appointment in.

Then Bronwyn threw up.

“But I want to go to school.  I want to see Remembrance Day!”


Plans got changed.  Bruce took Holly to the dentist on his own.  My appointment got rescheduled.  We switched kids and I left for the afternoon, to drop Holly at Preschool, and do the errands.  Remembrance Day ceremonies?  What Remembrance Day ceremonies…?  Bruce and I hardly saw each other all day.  Our day of togetherness and lunch at a restaurant was forgotten.  Every time I got on the phone, someone puked.  Again.  SO sorry to those people who had to listen to my kids retching before I thought to hang up.  You know who you are…

So, now, Bruce is hunting, and I am plotting how to fill the time with one, maybe 2, sick kids, while trying not to get sick myself.

And I am remembering; while I  experience a tiny, minuscule, smidgen of what it might be like to be a military wife (whose husband is away for a long weekend 9 months).  Ladies?  We haven’t forgotten you either.


2 Responses to “First Sick Day”

  1. bononers November 11, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    i had my first sick day this week too! no relation to DST though!

  2. Jessica November 12, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    Yuck, puking kids is the worse.. my kids only puke when Rob’s away and in foreign county for an extended period of time… one night last year everyone was sick so we all slept on the floor in the living room where there is hardwood, I laid on the couch and the girls on the floor on blankets that would be changed if they were sick on them and replaced with the ones just out of the dryer which had just been washed from a previous incident… so not fun…

    although a funnier puking story was the one time when the twins were about 18 months, Ava was sick and puking (or was it Jade??) anyways, one was sick and the other was not… the one that was not sick was wandering behind her sister pretending to throw up, all day… it was mildly hilarious….

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