Graduation Day

29 Sep

My 16 month old:

– Can WALK!  I know, it has been a long time coming, but all of a sudden, she is not falling after every step (and her subsequent bruised ego is lessening too!) and can pivot and turn corners etc.  It is wonderful to see her confidence blossoming… and fewer bruises on her face!

– Can TALK!  Yes, I said it.  At 16 months old, Josselyn can say: mama, dada, up, woof, purple, bathtub, down, thank-you, more (well she signs this one, but hey), bottle, no, vitamin, and I am sure I am missing some.  She is the first one to have “no” in her vocabulary this early.  The other two learned “yes” first.  Not sure if it is her contrary nature, or just that she hears it more!!

– Rocks the shape-sorter!  Seriously, it takes her no time at all to get all those blocks in their holes.  She likes sound puzzles too- although, to me, they all sound like dying cats…

– Sits in a chair.  The high chair takes up so much room in our tiny dining area that I couldn’t wait to get rid of it, and she couldn’t wait to be more like her sisters.

– Likes books, but not so much the reading part as the turning the pages part.  She’ll bring one to you and then get frustrated that you aren’t turning the pages faster (so sorry my dear, those dang words are getting in the way!!) and just snatch it back.

– Enjoys emptying drawers… and cupboards… and boxes… and well, anything that holds anything else.  I find tubes of toothpaste, Electra-Sol tabs and plastic popsicle tops all over the house!  She also has an annoying, and potentially dangerous, habit of removing the nightlights from the plugs at her level.  I then find them in all sorts of places: the dollhouse, under the crib, in the potty…

– LOVES the trampoline.  Was not too keen on it until she discovered that it played music, and now you can hear the same electronic melody over and over again as she bounces around on the thing, huge smile on her face!  She can stay on for a really long time too.  Usually until she is kicked off by Bronwyn or Holly.

– Still likes playing with trucks, but will also carry around a dolly.

– Must have her blankie (nicknamed Purple) with her at all times.  She adores that thing.  I actually think it was a hindrance to her walking earlier, because she is always tripping over it.  She needs to take a more Linus style approach and drag it behind her.  I could do without all the flies and dirt though…

– Is down to one nap a day, and has been for about a month.

– Weighs around 20 lbs still, and is 27.5 inches.

– Is losing the curl in her hair, but it is still white blonde and we have yet to go out anywhere without someone commenting on it.

– Has been known to bring Holly her lamby, just to make her feel better.

– Eats everything I make for her, but especially loves yogurt, Special K, ham, kolbassa, blueberries, mangoes, and lettuce.  Oh, and gummy bears.  Can’t forget those…

– Eats with a spoon and fork.  Extremely accurately.  And will insist you give her one if you forget to set it on the table.

– Has the sweetest, most infectious laugh, and her smile lights me up inside.  She has a temper, and a strong will… but so does her mother.  I love her desire for independence that is only slightly overshadowed by her desire to be cuddled.

Happy 16 months to my last 16 month old.  This age is  special to me because it is how old Bronwyn was when Holly was born.  Therefore, it has always signified the end of babyhood, and the beginning of being a Big Girl.

Congrats Joss- you are now one of the girls!

Introduction to chocolate pudding!


3 Responses to “Graduation Day”

  1. joan September 29, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    what!?! we were JUST there– how did she grow up that fast!? it’s awesome! congrats on getting through the baby stage, jules! it just gets better from there!

  2. Natalie September 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    Great synopsis…loved it…:)

  3. vanessa October 29, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    i dont always remember to read your blog…but whenever i do, i thoroughly enjoy it….except for that last part. made me sad thinking that my baby girl will soon be a little girl 😦

    love ya and see you NEXT TIME FOR SURE haha

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