Anxious much?

14 Sep

I was reading through my Today’s Parent magazine the other day and came across an article that said, basically, that if your child is anxious it is likely (partly) hereditary.  First, I love how they qualify their statements so much that you can read whatever you want into them.  Absolutes are a thing of the past, and anybody who states anything absolutely is narrow-minded at best.

They were trying to say (in their roundabout, magazine way) that anxious parents don’t just produce anxious children, they actually breed them.  Because, even the most obtuse person must have noticed that parents who hover over their children, have children who are nervous.  I always figured that it was parenting style that made children like this.  That kids who always heard “be careful on the slide, you may hurt yourself” or “don’t touch that, it is dirty” or “I don’t know if you can…” end up believing that stuff.  But maybe their is a genetic component to their apprehensive ways.

Bronwyn can be a fairly anxious child.  Even though neither Bruce or I are anxious people.  We don’t hover (I don’t think!!!) and we don’t project our concerns onto our kids.  But she is ok.  Still, Bronwyn was not top of the charts for kids I would have expected to take to school easily.

What do I know?  She loves school.

She has never cried.  She has never stated an interest in staying home.  She jumps out of bed in the morning eager to go to school, and she leaps off the bus in the afternoon brimming with happiness and a positive attitude.

This is the girl who didn’t even like to go into Sunday School for 45 minutes once a week.  Who cries when I go to the grocery store by myself.  Who wants me to wait until she is asleep before I go for a run.  Where is that girl?

Not that I mind.  I love Independent Bronwyn.  I love her new joyful attitude.  I love that she eats everything off her plate, and says “please” and “thank-you” and “I’m sorry, Mommy”.  Did school do this?  Or was it the freedom to show what she can do on her own?  The pride in herself at accomplishing such a milestone?  Am I more of a hovering parent than I thought?  Or is it that my uptight little girl is not such a worrier after all?


One Response to “Anxious much?”

  1. Deb B September 14, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    She’s growing up. Isn’t it nice?

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