Summer 2010 in a nutshell: “The fish that got away”

29 Jul

Where do I begin.  I know I have been remiss in my updates.  Please forgive this busy blogger.

In the next few entries I am going to attempt to recap some of the highlights of the summer, in no particular order…

Here’s one that happened just last weekend:

Bruce and I took the kids camping last weekend.  Naively, we packed up the truck and entered Algonquin Park with the intention of setting up somewhere on Sec Lake.

No go.

Lake Traverse?

Not a chance.

Is there anyplace that isn’t booked solid for a Sunday night in July?  And that is how we made our way to Lake Macmanus.  It is the take-out spot for the Petawawa River, and we expected it to be BUSY.  We were pleasantly surprised to find only one other group within shouting distance, if not mostly invisible.

We set up at a location that would have, at any other time, be considered completely unacceptable by Howarth/Ghent standards.  It was sandy with very little shade, and much to close to the next group for our liking.  But, the headwind was atrocious, and the beach would serve well for the kids, and there was a large and flat site for the tent.  And you know what? for one night? it was pretty good.  I mean, besides the incessant SAND. EVERYWHERE.  But other than that… good.

The girls found blueberries- even Josselyn was picking her own!  The shore was close enough and shallow enough that they could wash their own dishes.  Every moment not spent eating or sleeping was spent in the lake.  It was bathwater warm, and except for a cold breeze was actually pleasant enough for me to want to spend all day there too.

Holly was amazing.  She would “dig” with her hands, and kick so hard and throw herself into the deeper part trusting that one of us would scoop her out, loudly exclaiming, “GREAT swimming, Holls.  What a little fish you are!!”.  Both girls were putting there faces (or whole heads in Holly’s case!!) under the water, and Bronwyn has a beautiful swimmer’s kick.  I cannot wait to sign them up for lessons, and for summer next year, when, hopefully they will be swimming unaided.

Josselyn was content to stand around (not walking of course, can’t start WALKING even though she’s 14 months old, and perfectly capable of balancing, standing on one leg- she even stands on the back of the rocking horse like Holly use to do- and moving her feet.  Even though all the other kids born after her are walking, she prefers to crawl.  In the dirt.  On the deck.  Her knees are like leather!  I digress…).

I was looking for an entry about Holly standing on the rocking horse when I found this instead.  She is only a year here!  I also found bloggy-blog proof that HOLLY didn’t start walking well until 14 months either.  Josselyn, you’re still in the running!  Not literally of course, because you can’t even WALK.  But figuratively child, no pressure, k?

Shall we get back to the story now?!

So, after the kids were in bed, tucked into their sleeping bags, pretending that Holly’s hat (a raccoon) was eating Baby Pig and Lambykins, I decided to join Bruce in the canoe for a bit of fishing-at-dusk.  Bruce had barely gotten a bite all day.  Never to be discouraged though, he fixed up my rod and gave me some vague directions about how to tug on the line to mimic a minnow.  “Like this?” I called out innocently (on my third or so cast).  “Not quite” he replied.  “I think I’ve got something” I question.  Nope.  Make that I DEFINITELY have something.  I then attempt to reel in the biggest fish I have ever seen.  It must have been 30 inches or longer, with a girth wider than my hands could fit around.  I say, “must have” because after the 5th or 6th jump out of the water, I let the line slacken and he escaped.  My heart was pounding, and my hands were sweating, and I gazed at Bruce with a “did that just happen” stare.  He stared back with an identical look and said, “that was the most exciting moment I’ve ever had fishing… and it wasn’t even my fish”.


6 Responses to “Summer 2010 in a nutshell: “The fish that got away””

  1. Andrea July 29, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    that is awesome!!! Your husbands most exciting time fishing was with YOU!!!

  2. Rocking Horses July 30, 2010 at 9:25 am #

    Pin the fish on the gaff and dangle it over the side. Rocking Horses

  3. Barb Vlasov July 30, 2010 at 10:47 am #

    Wow Julie….you are a talented and entertaining writer!

    Mind if I log on to ‘watch your kids grow up’ and get to know you and Bruce better too?

    Josselyn WILL walk…if not now, to kindergarden! I promise!

    • Julie July 30, 2010 at 7:06 pm #

      All are welcome to share in our lives this way! Thank you for your nice comments. Seeing everyone once a year is never enough…

  4. Bruce July 30, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    It was a muskie and it was much longer than 30″! It was over 3 feet for sure. I thought Julie was going to drop the rod into the lake it was fighting so hard. We might have been able to catch it if I had a net, I wasn’t expecting to see a monster like that.

    • Natalie July 31, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

      Does that mean you will be going to the same location again?…soon? Good thing you were both there to experience this…a lot more credible. Yep, this is a fish story to believe. And sounds like you had a great time on the sandy shore as well.

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