Servant Attitudes

29 Jul

We go to the park every Tuesday.  The ladies from our church Bible Study group meet there for walking, praying, sharing etc.  We bring the kids, and it is always lots of fun.

My kids aren’t the fastest walkers, and often, they are not the most enthusiastic, but I think it is important that they be able to walk 3 km without falling over (and hopefully have something left to swing on the monkey bars with!!).  So, I drag them out walking.  And between the cajoling, bribing, and outright threats, we make it to (almost) the end and back.

Yesterday, while we were falling further and further behind the next slowest lady, I began to get frustrated with Holly, who kept running on ahead and then stopping to tell us to “catch-up, catch-up” but not so far ahead that I wouldn’t ram into her legs with the stroller, being unable to stop at such short notice.  If I didn’t run into her, I ran into Bronwyn who is practically tied to my hip, or I would run Josselyn off the path and into some raspberry plants.  You see the picture: ONE of the kids was going to get hurt here.

I hollered at Holly, “how about concerning yourself more with YOU and less with the rest of us?!?!”

Then I stopped.  I shut my mouth.  Why would I want her to be more concerned with her own well-being than of those around her?  How could I try to model a servant attitude while instructing her the opposite?  Why should I try to stifle a virtue that is practically impossible to re-learn as an adult?

Our society today is bent on self-service, selfish attitudes, and self-centeredness.  It is everywhere.  From gas-guzzling SUVs that feel the need to take up two parking spots to teenagers who throw their garbage on the ground because they are too lazy to find a garbage can to workaholics who ignore their families for self-satisfaction.

This need to put ourselves first develops at birth when babies demand their parents do everything, and do it RIGHT.NOW.  Don’t me wrong, I am not trying to say that we need to let infants fend for themselves, but when my two year old shows clear signs of empathy, with a desire to see others needs and wants placed above her own, I am not going to tell her to mind her own business.

Maybe I can even learn something from her.


One Response to “Servant Attitudes”

  1. Natalie July 31, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    Wow..out of the mouths of babes…

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