Kids say (and do) the funniest things

21 Jun

Here is some stuff that has happened or has been said in our house in the last 2 weeks.  Enjoy:

Bronwyn:  Knock Knock (who’s there?) Peach!  (peach who?)  Peach standing on a ball!!!

Nice try Bronwyn.

Me:  I have one!  What is black and white and red all over?  I don’t know.  A zebra with a sunburn!!!!  Holly laughs.  Bronwyn looks ahead seriously.  Zebra’s don’t get sunburns, mom.

Me:  What did you name your new Easter bunny, Bronwyn?  Bunny Pink Bean.  I see.  And your new doll?  Carla.

Of course…

When you put Holly to bed, you have to be careful, because if she grabs hold of your neck, she declares that she will never let you go FOREVER!

Every time the girls get in the car, they buckle up their seatbelts and yell “SURPRISE”.

Their favourite game to play is a knock-off of the Backyardigans episode where Flower Girl defeats the Gloom-meister.  But Bronwyn thinks he is the Gloom Monster, and you cannot convince her otherwise.

She also thinks that the road to the church (Angus Campbell Drive) is called Alice’s camel road.

This is what I know about Bronwyn’s imaginary friend:

His name is Joey the Monster.  He is pink, and furry.  He was discovered at Ben’s mom’s place last summer, and came home with us (first time away from Baby Pig incidentally).  His nickname is JoeMonst.  He lives with his mother in the wilderness park near my friend Nicole’s house.  He also lives in outerspace and knows aliens.  He has a family and their names are all Joey Monster.  He often gets dropped off at our house and I am coerced into babysitting him.  He rarely drives in the van with us (no carseat for him), but prefers to fly in his spaceship and meet us wherever we are going.  She will often walk down the road, calling loudly, “hurry up JoeMonst, you’ve got to catch up!  JoeMonst, JoeMonst, hurry UP”.

Holly, if she wants you to play My Little Pony’s with her, will bring you all of her ponies and ask, “which one you like, which one you like?” until you choose- but don’t choose the white one, that is her favourite!

Josselyn eats Freezies with the other kids.  She doesn’t even need help.  But only the white ones because I think they don’t stain.

Bronwyn wants to be a motorcycle rider when she grows up, because it is the coolest thing she knows.

Holly’s friend Anna always calls her Miss Holly, and every time, she corrects her and says, “no, JUST Holly”.

Josselyn would rather sit on the floor holding on to every toy in her reach than put enough down to play with them.

Taken August 2009- almost a year ago- can you believe it?!


4 Responses to “Kids say (and do) the funniest things”

  1. Lauren Booker June 21, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    ha ha ha julie. jonah just started with an imaginary friend this week. at first his name was “horton” then it was “tim horton” and now it’s just “imaginary friend” i don’t know where he comes up with this stuff. but horton rides in the van with us. there is an empty seatbelt beside jonah so every time we climb in, he has to clip horton into his seat. the other day he made me give horton a popsicle. (i think jonah ate it. it disappeared and i’m hoping it’s not melting in the couch cushions…) isn’t parenting wonderful? what did we do for entertainment before they came along?

  2. Erin June 21, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    There were so many “lol’s” in this one Julie! I do think my favourite is Carla though. haha, though I would like to meet Joey.
    Your family is wonderful Jules as are you!
    Love Erin

  3. Natalie June 21, 2010 at 9:16 pm #

    Bruce’s imaginary friends were very much a part of the family but seemed to disappear when Marlys was more communicative. The girls didn’t get in on the imaginary action in the same way. Tweety bird definitely was in the car with us as we drove on long trips to Arkansas and Illinois. I have no idea where Friendly “Gianit” was sitting in the packed out car (guess he could go into miniature mode). Tweety was quite active, flitting around and distracting us frequently from other matters that proved to be convenient for Bruce. Tweety had a great sense of humour, and ended up getting himself or us “in trouble” and “out of trouble”. I salute these great fun imaginary friends. Enjoy:)…unfortunately, it is not “forever”.

  4. vanessa July 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    julie…your blog is hilarious…and your children, well, theyre hilariouser! good show!

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