Night at the Museum

30 Mar

Alright, it was a day, but that title isn’t nearly as catchy.

We decided to go to Ottawa and hit up the Museum of Science and Technology.  It was pretty good.  The girls Bruce really liked looking at the full size trains, and exploring the insides.

Hanging out on the caboose. From top clockwise: Holly, Madison, Bronwyn

Holly spent most of the time stealing rocks from the tracks and putting them in her pockets.  I had to empty her overalls before we left.  The righteous indignation was priceless!

Just checking out the trains: Bronwyn and Madison

The girls also really enjoyed the miniatures:

Bruce dropping children that aren't even his!

Bruce and Bronwyn looking at maps

One of my favourite parts of the museum was the decontamination area where you could practice putting on a suit and standing under a shower (just air) that simulated the ultra-clean conditions needed for… something (I wasn’t paying attention to that part so much as the look on Holly’s face every time she hit the button!!).  Excuse the blurriness.

Holly running from the air

Loving it!

Crazy Mirrors

The kids loved this replica of a car (again- details escape me now!):

Driving the younger girls around... someday!

One of the best parts of the day (unfortunately, no picture) was during the electricity show.  They wanted to volunteers to go up on stage and be part of a static shock “train”.  Bronwyn INSISTED she participate.  So, Holly and Madison had to go up too!  All three jumped through the roof, and Bronwyn ran into my arms crying.  Madison just laughed, and Holly looked, well, shocked.  Pun fully intended!

My favourite part was the wall of food.  It showed what a typical family, in 30 or so odd countries, ate in a week, and what it cost.  Some places were $1 and all they had were some dried legumes.  Others were in the hundreds of dollars and showed junk food more than healthy food (give you one guess what country that was!!).

Bronwyn and Madison- BFFs- playing with their new chinese finger trap thingies- thanks Uncle Ben!

Madison is the most photogenic child!

See you later Museum!


One Response to “Night at the Museum”

  1. Amanda March 31, 2010 at 10:36 pm #

    I remember going their in Gr. 10 and loving the trains even then! And the Chinese finger traps…yeah, they just freak me out.

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