All growed up!

16 Mar

This morning Bronwyn slept late.  I eventually had to wake her up.  She opened her eyes and looked at me, staring deep into my eyes, until I wasn’t sure she even recognized me.  Then she smiled a big smile, and informed me that she had decided to sleep in this morning, “so [she] wouldn’t be tired for a very important day”.

What was happening today?  Ice cream sundae day at the Early Years Centre, of course!  Can’t miss Ice Cream Day…!

She has been eating her food, too (leek and spinach soup for lunch, without a fuss, even).  And not resisting bedtime.  And hanging out with the grown-ups, declaring she doesn’t want to hang out with the little girls.  She can navigate through some simple websites, and handles the mouse much better lately.  And today, she informed me that her toy car was going through the car wash.  “How do you know it is a carwash?” I asked her.  She pointed the the words written on the side of the wooden box.  “CAR.  WASH.”  Oh, my mistake.

She is just acting so grown up lately.  She told me in the car today that she can look like a whole new girl if she just tucks her hair behind her ear.  How does one respond to a statement like that?!?!

She starts school in the fall.  Have I mentioned that?!?!?!?!!?

On the other end of the spectrum is my gorgeous Josselyn.  She is crawling now.  Bet you didn’t know that, eh?  Yep, youngest child gets moving the quickest!  Another excellent reason not to have a fourth, in my opinion!

She is happy to be on the floor, turning off the power bar to the computer, and pulling on the fish tank tubing.  She valiantly attempts to follow the girls when they leave the room, and struggles silently for more time than I would have given her credit for, before she admits defeat and I find her in a pile of helpless frustration.

It seems everywhere I go, people comment on how happy she is.  How smiley she is.  What a wonderful baby etc.  Maybe I am doing her a disservice by constantly bringing up her past.  How colicky she was.  How she wouldn’t sleep.  How miserable she was.  Because she isn’t.  Not anymore.  I think it is time to reinvent my baby: Josselyn, happy and cheerful.  Just like her name says.


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  1. Perfect 10 « 3 Under 3 - March 29, 2010

    […] At least I am not concerned about food for her.  She loves everything.  Raw mushrooms, cooked asparagus, roasted red peppers, ham, chicken, pasta, bread, pancakes, peas, eggs, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and bananas (so long as they are NOT cut up).  She has eaten lasagne, chili, veggie and ham fritatta, squash soup, scalloped potatoes, pizza, macaroni and cheese, Shepherd’s Pie, Shanghai casserole, ravioli, anything goes for this kid!!  Her favourite?  Frosted Mini-wheats in a bowl of milk.  Surprisingly, she rarely even spills.  I don’t even put a bib on her.  She might be the cleanest baby ever!  Either that or she is so hungry she can’t afford to drop even a single bite!!  I was worried at first when she refused to eat so many foods, but I think she just has a more savoury palate that Bronwyn and myself (who are prone to sweet foods).  And, of course, Holly will eat anything.  Unless Bronwyn says it’s yucky, then she won’t eat it either.  Luckily that is less of a problem now. […]

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