Monkey in the middle

9 Mar

Well, I think it is time to officially announce that Holly is the middle child.  Not because she is so middle child-esque, but because Josselyn has now shown that she is an actual living, active, changing organism, capable of influencing her surroundings.  In other words, a sister.  And a sister to be reckoned with.

Today she demonstrated that she is capable of holding her own bottle.  And in this house, once you can do something, you are expected to, you know?  Anyway, I left her lying on the floor amid toys, sisters and choking hazards and went to fold laundry.  I should mention that Bruce was there too, but he has the ‘flu so I only mention his presence because he is my most reliable witness to what happened next.

Apparently, Josselyn, tiring of her boring formula, inched her way across the room to an untended sippy cup full of strawberry milk.  I should pause here and mention that she doesn’t really crawl yet, and she is not terribly quick.  Or that is what she wants you to believe.  She uses this to her advantage as no one really takes her seriously yet.  So when Holly found Josselyn chugging HER milk, there was a scuffle of the most indignant sort.  The hey-that’s-mine-but-you-left-it-but-I-didn’t-say-you-could-touch-it-but-I-want-it-it’s-MINE-no-it’s-MINE kind of pre-verbal scuffle that leaves both parties bewildered and both parents in stitches.

Earlier tonight Holly was looking over my shoulder as I checked my Facebook page.  My profile picture is the one of Josselyn holding Lamby in her lap.  Holly was beside herself.  I couldn’t even pull her away.  “That MY Lamby” she sobbed.  Even when I pointed out that Lamby was in her hand.  Even when I pointed out that Joss wasn’t even here.  That it was a picture.  “Joss Joelle has me Laaaammmbbbbyyyy” she wailed.  Insert biggest.eye roll.EVER.

The dynamic of our family is changing.  It is our job as parents to mold that change into something good.  I want so much for my kids it hurts sometimes.  We can get lost in the mundane day-to-day stuff that we forget there is a bigger picture.  I hope I never lose sight of that completely.


One Response to “Monkey in the middle”

  1. Elaine March 11, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    Joss is going to keep you on your toes. 🙂

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