She’s two, but not terrible

19 Feb

Holly is 26 months old.  She insists on getting her own way… some of the time.  She cries for no reason… when she is tired or hungry.  And she often won’t listen… usually near roads, sharp knives, and hot stoves.

She acts more like a 3 year old, but with the sincerity, innocence, and sweetness of a two year old.  She also lacks the sarcasm that my 3 year old has picked up (where oh WHERE could she have gotten THAT I wonder?!?!).

Wednesday she was upset because I wouldn’t let her go outside and help Bruce shovel the deck (naked).  I know, right?  I am the meanest mother ever.  But I stood my ground on this one, and she marched over to me, shaking impotently, and looked me right in the eye.

And then, the rage just evaporated off of her.  You could almost see it floating away like steam, as she stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed into my face.

“Mommy”, she gasped.  “You GREEN eyes”.

That’s right, folks, I have green eyes.  Sometimes.  Other times they are blue, or grey, or a combination of the three.  I am guessing Holly never noticed.

Later, at supper, I was re-telling this to Bruce, and he asked her what colour his eyes were.  She took his face in her little hands and stared intently into his eyes.

“Rainbow”, she announced.

I never thought of them that way.  He has brown and green eyes with splashes of gold.  She’s a creative thinker, that Holly.


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