What I like about you

26 Jan

Holly is like no other kid I know.  I can’t get enough of her.  I love that even when she is stubborn and insistent, “do by self”, she is not whiny or angry.  She’s matter-of-fact.  She’s just as likely to push you away and say, “no, mommy, by self.  Me change pants.  Me change OWN pants.  No help mommy” as she is to say, “mommy, I neeeeeeeeeeed you”.  She never screams or rages.  She likes to do things by herself to prove she is independent, but she is often proving it to Bronwyn, not me, and least of all herself.  She doesn’t have a problem doing anything for the first time, and rarely bats an eyelash when presented with new situations.  I have more of a problem keeping her by my side, than prying her off me.  My standard response to, ‘where is Holly?” is “I don’t know”!

I wrote out some rules for the girls yesterday.  They basically stated that if the girls did X, then they could earn some tv time.  It has been going well.  Either toys get put away or the tv stays off.  Either way it is win-win for me!

So Bronwyn came to me with a little slip of paper.  Pre-readers have an almost hero worship mentality toward the written word.  If you say it is written then they will not question it.  She showed me the paper.  She had “written” on it some words that she told me were new rules.  I asked her to read them to me, as my hands were full (obviously I couldn’t say I didn’t know what it said!!).  She obliged, and this is what she had written:

If Bronwyn and Holly eat all of their supper, then they may watch tv.

If Bronwyn and Holly do not eat all of their supper, then they must watch television.

Thank you

The end

She is too smart for her own good.


2 Responses to “What I like about you”

  1. Karolyn January 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    Smarty pants!

  2. Elaine January 27, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    LOL! she should make all the rules from now on…

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