Safety vs Respect: Round #1

6 Jan

Dear Costco,

Thank you for your due diligence in reminding me what a terrible parent I am.  I really feel appreciated when I am told off by a woman who spends her whole day making sure people have their Costco cards on them before allowing them to enter the store.

I love being accosted the second I walk in the door, and before I even have my purse off my shoulder, with a barrage of demands that my three and a half year old sit down in the cart.  “They can really tip over and fall out at this age.”

At WHAT age?  She has actually be sitting for over 3 years now.  And are we talking about a canoe or a cart?  For that matter, are we talking about a child or a rambunctious puppy?  Our dog Dude was notorious for jumping out of moving vehicles.  One time (the last time in fact!) he actually fell out the window.  Of our car.  We were going 40 km/hr.  And he walked away from that.  But my preschooler is incapable of remaining in a stationary box a mere three feet off the ground.

My sister now feels compelled to spend the trip pushing the cart while holding her hands, telling her stories about riding camels, and the time I got blown into the street by a gust of wind. 

When we finally get to the cash, another nosy busybody well-meaning cashier instructs MY child to sit down. 

If you want children to sit in carts, then erect signage to that effect.  If you want to ban children from participating in any activity where they might get hurt, you may want to start with hockey.  Enough said.


Not a child, but not allowed to act like an adult in a store that I pay to buy at

Here is where my blood begins to boil.  Employees of a store (that I have PAID to enter)  have no right to discipline my child.  Especially right in front of me.  This puts her in an awkward position.  On the one hand, she has been told not to talk to strangers.  She also is being told to do something that is exactly the opposite of what her mother has already allowed her to do. 

I feel that if she doesn’t sit, I am a bad parent.  And yet, I don’t want her to sit, because I don’t think she needs to, and I want to make a stand against nosy old fools who think they know more about my child than I do.  I also don’t want to teach her that she needs to obey every adult that tells her what to do.  If I have told her she must never enter a stranger’s car, yet an adult tells her she must, I want to be certain that she will obey ME, even if I am not there.  I feel I am undermining my authority (and risking her safety) by allowing her to obey contradictory rules, yet I cringe at the idea of her disrespecting other adults.

I was unprepared for this scenario, but rest assured that the next kind soul who tries this manuever on me and mine, will receive an earful they never saw coming.

Anybody have a similar story?


One Response to “Safety vs Respect: Round #1”

  1. amandasramblings January 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    Where does telling a parent her little one desparately needs to have their nose wiped (because the parents didn’t see it for over a minute and the kid was trying to breath without getting snot in their mouth), where does that fall? I actually had to mention that today b/c really the amount of snot and the fact the kid was too young to talk and could barely open mouth was just too much for me. I felt bad, but it was just too much.

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