Dr Seuss is a rhyming genius

3 Jan

Christmas was pretty good this year.  I had very little expectations, which always helps, but even despite my gloomy outlook on how the week would go, it was better than I could have hoped.  Well, except for the last part (but that is a story for another time).  The girls have been well-behaved.  They aren’t sleeping enough, but they are eating lots, so I’ll take it!  Now that they are getting older, I am able to do suff other than be a couch for them to sit on.  I can help in the kitchen.  I can play with kids who aren’t mine.  and I can participate in the Howarth family Annual PIG competition.  Of course, considering my deplorable ping-pong skills, I am allowed to play HIPPOPOTAMUS.  I still lost.

We all received some very nice presents, but Bruce’s favourite was the new truck he bought for himself, to replace the Vibe.  I still shake my head when I think that we now own a truck.  I never thought we ever would.  But Bruce is happier than a tornado in a trailer park (quick name that movie!  second clue: we watch it daily).  His only regret is that he had to leave it in Sudbury since it wasn’t ready to drive home just yet. 

Bronwyn has been really cute lately- wishing everyone she sees a Happy new Year.  Even today, three days in.

She also makes anyone who is silly enough to get into a sitting position, read to her from her Hop on Pop book.  She can “read” nearly the whole thing by herself.  The best page?  “My father can read big words, too.  Like Constantinople and Timbukto”.  Precious!!!

So, hope everyone is having a great new year, and that 2010 brings fewer surprises than 2009.


One Response to “Dr Seuss is a rhyming genius”

  1. Aunty Gussy January 20, 2010 at 12:58 am #

    Is a hippopotamus just a really cool popotamus?

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