Forgive me if you’ve heard this one!

17 Dec

So, my friend Joan threw down a challenge today.  Apparently she had a bird incident recently.  When I commented that I too had a funny bird story, she challenged me to a “blog off”.  So, read my post, read hers, and comment here.  Most comments wins, but I would love to have you all choose a winner based on how funny the stories are!

I actually thought I had blogged about this already, but I can’t find it, so here goes…

One day I went downstairs and heard some rustling.  I don’t remember exactly when this was, or why I didn’t investigate sooner, but I probably figured Bruce would take care of it when he got home.  Unfortunately, by the time he got home, and I remembered to tell him there was a weird rustling, it was too late to do anything anyway.  The next day, I got a little curious.  I headed over to the woodstove for a little look-see and what do I see?  A black bird sitting in the stove!!  We stared at each other for about an hour before I gathered my wits and slammed the door.  And then I locked it.  And then I called Bruce. 

“Did you know there is a bird in the woodstove?!?!?” 

“Oh sure, I figured.”

“WHAT?!  And you didn’t TELL me, or warn me, or even, you know, CLOSE THE DOOR PROPERLY?!?!”

“I’ll take care of it…”

Except he didn’t, because that night we went out somewhere.  So now the bird is nearing like 36 hours in our woodstove, with no food and no water. 

“At least he’ll be easy to catch” Bruce quips.

In the end, Bruce did get the bird out of the woodstove.  And all I did was provide the pillow case.  You know, because Bruce doesn’t actually know where we keep the pillow cases.  I do this on purpose so he has an excuse to keep me around.


3 Responses to “Forgive me if you’ve heard this one!”

  1. joan December 18, 2009 at 6:29 pm #

    oh yes! i DID know this story!
    sorry i was so late with my entry… 😛
    ps: love that you keep yourself useful so that bruce will keep you… i wonder what i could do to make myself invaluable too?

  2. Steph December 21, 2009 at 8:49 pm #

    Hahahaha, I have heard this story, but the pillow case part is new, and laugh out loud funny. Good things you know where the pillow cases are kept, otherwise he’d have no use for you…

  3. Natalie December 23, 2009 at 9:30 am #

    yep…your stories are pretty equal…count me as a vote for Joan as well, which evens the score. I didn’t know how to leave a comment for her.

    I don’t have a blog but have a “bird in the house” story.

    There was a black starling that found the exterior opening for the stove vent fan from the kitchen. I heard rattling as I cooked for a long time and the outside flaps of the vent flapped in the breeze so kept ignoring. Gradually pieces of straw or grass kept coming on top of the stove top, and tiny little bugs from time to time. It was unnerving, and I was afraid of coming face to face with a bird.

    A hired handyman was around one day and I asked him to help problem solve as I could tolerate it no longer. The “rattling” had progressed to chirping.

    He unscrewed the fan over the stove and pulled out a nest with 4 baby birds, eyes closed, no obvious feathers, necks extended, and mouths open wide chirping for food.

    Babies are supposed to be cute in context…these turned my stomach as they definitely did not belong in my house. The hero of the day headed out in to the woods with the nest (to replant the nest?…ok, I don’t feel guilty) and I started the job of cleaning out all kinds of stuff from the fan vent over the stove.

    The birds really like that opening in to the house, and pulled apart one screen over the years that was put up the three stories from the outside. Then Bruce climbed up one time and crammed some plastic bags in to the opening when it looked like the birds were still interested.

    I still turn on the fan, from time to time, and pretend that the air is really exiting the house…the draft still makes it in the opening facing north, so I imagine it is still somewhat a functional exit for fumes as I cook. I just hope there is still a “not welcome” at the vent exterior entrance. A better solution is on my bucket list, as I do fear a close encounter of the flying kind.

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