Feeling like Christmas

8 Dec

It’s starting to feel a little like Christmas around here.  As it should with only 16 days to go.  We got our tree up last night.  Bruce came home and dragged up all the boxes (with help from the girls naturally) and I rearranged the living room to accomodate a 7 foot green plastic spiky object that couldn’t look less like a tree if it had been shaped like Santa (which would have made it more full-looking anyway).  But for all my negative Nelly vibes, I really enjoyed putting up the tree.  Bruce put on some Christmas music Spirogira, and the girls twirled around and broke hung the decorations, and it was peace and love and goodwill etc. 

I always wanted a picture perfect tree.  At first, I tried.  But we didn’t really have the money, and then we weren’t even home for Christmas, so why bother? 

As I handed the girls each ornament, I explained where it came from, or who gave it to us, or why it was important.  They really seemed to like that.  I hope I can keep doing that for as long as possible. 

Now, as I look at those twinkly non-LED lights and ponder how the tree will morph into something unrecognizable in just a few short years (what with all the homemade crafts and the half-broken ornaments that I won’t be allowed to toss), I realize that maybe this is the tree I wanted after all.

Now I have to cut this short.  A Christmas version of Dora the Explorer is on tonight, and I couldn’t wouldn’t miss watching it with my girls for anything.


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