Happy Birthday Holly!

7 Dec

Holly was induced on monday morning, December 3, 2007.  Or, at least, she was supposed to have been.  That whole weekend there was a fierce snow storm, dropping 20 cm of snow the first night.  “Mom, you’d better change your plans and get here early, if you plan to come at all” I informed my mother.  She dropped everything and drove through the night to arrive at our place saturday.  We spent the day playing with Bronwyn and eating.  Sunday was much of the same.  More snow, more playing, more eating.  When monday morning came, we were up by 6am.  There was so much snow on the ground, we couldn’t get out of the driveway.  Bruce, sensing this was not the time to argue, started shovelling.  By the time we were supposed to be AT the hospital, he had managed to clear the car.  I phoned and let them know that although we would be late- we were having a baby that day.  The nurse just laughed- she must have kids.

I went outside to see how much progress was being made.  Bruce informed me that I could get in the driver’s side and he would direct me.  He laid out wood under the tires, sprinkled all the sand we had left on the space in front of the car, and sent up a little prayer.  I drove into the ditch. 

JULIE!  What are you DOING?!?!?!  I can barely reach the pedals and am about to have a baby.  Winter driving is not my forte.  Why was I even BEHIND the wheel?!  Bruce straightens the car as best as he can, cranking the wheel around my enormous belly.  We make it halfway up the driveway this time.  In my excitement, I let off the gas when I realized we were going to make it.  So, we didn’t make it.  JULIE!!!!!  What, would you rather I go in the ditch?!!?

Third, or 4th or 5th (I can’t remember) time’s the charm, and we got over the rise at the end of the driveway.  Bruce is huffing and puffing, soaked with sweat at the exertion it is taking to get his idiot wife out of the driveway.  I remember to keep my foot on the gas, but am still excited and I overshoot the road to land in the ditch on the other side.  I know we are in trouble this time.  Bruce doesn’t even bother to say anything- his eyes rolling out of their sockets tells it all.  I prepare to go back to the house to wait until spring, when the snow plow drives by.  Well, drives UP to us.  There is no way he can get by with my rear end taking up half the single lane country path we call a road.  He kindly pulls us out of the ditch, plows our way down the highway to the next turn, and wished us good luck.  I had a feeling we were going to need it.

When we arrived at the hospital, my OB-GYN broke my water and we waited.  I knew a bit more about this waiting for babies to come and ordered tv right away.  By 8pm we started the Pitocin drip and by 8:01pm I was in full-blown contraction.  Bruce and I watched a Raptor’s game while I laboured.  Don’t ask me who they played.  Or even if they won- I don’t remember much about that 3 hours.  I remember Bruce holding my hand in between contractions.  I remember closing my eyes and falling into myself with each wave of pain, looking down with indifference.  I remember how proud I was with how quiet I was being.

One more hour to go.  The game is over, I am getting restless.  There have been a few false starts and I know I am going to have to take control.  The nurse kindly instructs me to return to my position.  I kindly tell her “not a chance”.  She more firmly expresses her desire that I return to laying down.  I scream and cry and hang onto the bed for dear life.  I don’t remember this but I just KNOW Bruce is mortified by now.  He tries to coax me back, and I scream some more.  I may have kicked someone.  They decide to let me be.  The doctor comes in and tells me I will have to lie back down no so we can have a baby.  He is so nice.  I am not.  I tell him he better get ready because the baby is coming.  And she did.  Without complications.  I look at the clock: it is the stroke of midnight.  I guess her birthday is the 4th.

She is a blob of gunk, red-faced with a shock of dark hair an inch long over her whole head.  She is 7lbs 6 oz, and 19.5 in long.  “Are you sure that’s our baby”, I whisper to Bruce.  “I think so”, he replies.  Good enough.  We can’t call her Rhea. 

She remains nameless until we sign the discharge papers.  “What should I write as her name”?  The pushy nurse has her pen poised over the papers.  “Holly Grace” I answer.  Because she looks like a Holly and she was born on a tuesday. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Holly Grace.  I love you!


One Response to “Happy Birthday Holly!”

  1. joan December 8, 2009 at 12:38 am #

    love the pictures and the recount! you’re so blessed with your beautiful, healthy babies!

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