My 6 month old- 2009 version

2 Dec

Yep, that’s right!  My baby is 6 months old.  And it couldn’t come sooner.  Elaine and I have been calling each other daily for the past few days to brag compare our children.  Mostly in sleeping (Joel is winning); sometimes in eating (Holly kicks butt); often in cute stories (well, I guess I come out on top because I have more kids…). 

But for those of you who aren’t Elaine, and therefore don’t get a play by play of each minute of my children’s lives, here is the scoop on Josselyn:

  • She is sleeping through the night- YEAH!!!
  • I lied- she is nowhere close to sleeping through the night.
  • She still wakes up once or twice a night- not to eat necessarily, but to get rolled back over, or have her blankie placed back over her head.
  • Yes, she rolls over AND she sleeps with a blanket over her head.
  • Seriously.  She must have a blanket in her mouth to suck on, and a blanket over her head to fall asleep.  This gives us great naps.  Except when the mouth blanket moves to the head blanket position- then there is MELODRAMA. 
  • She likes to eat, and is good at it.  She eats cereal.  And squash, and sweet potatoes.  That’s about it.  She will tolerate green vegetables.  She will not even try fruit.  Bananas are the devil.  And if you try to hide applesauce behind her squash, she looks at you like you are stupid for thinking she would EVER fall for something so obvious.  Like seriously mom!
  • She has 3 laughs.  One is her “pay attention to me NOW” laugh.  The second is her “that’s so funny, mom” laugh.  And the third is her “I love my sisters SO much my face is breaking because I am smiling so hard in the hopes that they will like me” laugh.  That one is my favourite.
  • She is wearing 6-12 month clothing.  But mostly because she is 6 months, so I just moved her up.  Not because she is out of her 3-6 month stuff.
  • She has the most perfect head shape.  Really proportionate.
  • She hates to poop.  I haven’t talked about poop in awhile, so you are all due.  She cries when she needs to go and she holds it as long as possible.  She cries because she can’t hold it forever and she is mad about that.  Then she cries as she is doing it because she hates it so much.  And then she cries until you change her because she hates to sit in it (well who would…).
  • She likes to have baths with her sisters.  She splashes them and they can’t understand why she is allowed to splash and they can’t, and I can see the double standards starting already…
  • She looks great in bright colours.
  • She likes to eat books.
  • Her favourite toy is her dangly dragonfly.  She lights up like a Christmas Tree every time she sees it.  Even if that was only a few minutes ago when she dropped it off her highchair and I couldn’t retrieve it fast enough.
  • I love her SO much.


3 Responses to “My 6 month old- 2009 version”

  1. aunt linda December 3, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Derek had to have a blanket covering his face to sleep. A LOT of people disapproved but I was open to whatever got this kid napping.
    Travis disliked fruit and HATED bananas.
    Allison has always hated to ppop, and put it off for as long as possible and even yet will grumble about it all while she’s on the potty.
    Just thought I’d point out the similarities between your kids and mine. Hope to see you all on the holidays

  2. Elaine December 4, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

    What’s with the name dropping?

    And you totally had me fooled with that first point. I was like, “really? she never told me that!” Then I read point #2… LOL!

    Joss does have a beautiful head. She looks so much like B at this age.

    Can’t wait to see you! 😀

  3. Aunty Gussy December 24, 2009 at 10:39 am #

    I love the backdrop

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