Wave Goodbye; Grand Hello!

26 Nov

Bruce is not one for impulse buying.  In fact, I think he over-researches things.  That is not really my way.  But he also knows a good deal when he sees one.  That is why we made a spur of the moment decision to drive to Toronto last weekend to buy a minivan.  We knew we were going to have to upgrade our vehicle once Joss goes forward-facing in her car seat.  She will be 6 months on sunday (also Happy Birthday Tristan!).  And I was getting antsy.  I thought maybe we could find a good deal on a 2009.  Or cash in on everyone’s leases expiring before the New Year.  I never thought we’d find a 2010 for as cheap as a used vehicle!  It was a great deal, and the best value for our money.  I am happy with our decision.  I am not a sentimental person.  At ALL.  But there is a small part of me that mourns a little bit at the passing on of a good car.  I felt this way with all of my cars:  The Booger, Ugly, Lance, The Civic, and now Wave.  Goodbye my friends, you are remembered fondly.  Well, maybe not Ugly- was I ever glad to get rid of THAT thing!!

So, it is with pride that I welcome the Grand.  Vibe’s twin in no way except colour:

It is enormous!! I should have taken the picture next to the Vibe so you could compare.

And here’s the inside!

As you can see, there is a spot in the back bench for another car seat.  A fact that has not gone unnoticed by my ever-observant 3 year old.  Tuesday she pointed it out to me.  She figures it is the perfect spot for a brother.  I told her you don’t get to choose, but she replied that you could if we just found one.  A walking one.  I asked her where we were going to find a walking brother.  She had an answer for that too: from somebody else.  I attempted to elicit as much information as I could.  Like whether she thought I would give her away to someone who asked for her, or her sisters.  No, you wouldn’t do that- you love us!  I asked if we should just take Cousin Ethan- he fit the requirements!!  But Bronwyn said, “no, he has an Auntie Elaine”.  Likewise for all the other boys I named.  “Well, where CAN we get one of these boys,” I ask? 

“From a mommy who doesn’t want them”. 

Of course. 

Where does she come UP with this stuff?!

Please can we have a brother, PLEEEAAASSEEE?!?!!?


2 Responses to “Wave Goodbye; Grand Hello!”

  1. Elaine November 27, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    the grand is grand.

    beautiful pic of the girls too, a boy would just ruin that I think…

  2. Erin November 28, 2009 at 10:13 pm #

    Love the grand! I swore I never wanted a mini van but I LOVE ours! I’m sold on them!

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