What do you get when you cross an elephant, a pumpkin, and a Piglet?

11 Nov

Halloween with 3 kids, of course!  We really enjoyed Halloween last year. 

Halloween 2008

Gavin and Bronwyn 2008

I couldn’t copy any pictures of Holly too, but I promise she was a cutie in her Sheep costume.  If you are REALLY curious, it is #49 in pictures of me on Facebook!

Now, let’s fast-forward 365 days…


The space is there because Ava got taken out of the picture!!

We’ve got a skunk, a pumpkin, a Piglet, an elephant, and a missing butterfly.  But you couldn’t call Gavin a skunk, because he thought they were too stinky, so they changed it to a “kitty”.  But halfway through the night he decided he’d rather be a duck, so his parents had to run interference at every house and let the candy-givers know that although he resembled a skunk, he was really a duck.  TOO adorable. 

The kids were so excited to be out, despite the wind we trick-or-treated for 2 hours.  Gavin had his wagon, and Holly kept trying to get inside and he would howl, “too heavyyyyyyy”, and try to push her off.  She was undeterred.  And at the end of the evening, we sat them facing each other so no one got squished, and Holly started a rousing game of peek-a-boo with Gavin which had them all laughing the whole way home.  Memories, you know?

Josselyn was a champ, and went with the flow all evening.  Bundled up in her snowsuit, you couldn’t see her costume, but I bet she was toasty warm!  I wish I had more pictures, but Somer took them all and hasn’t posted them yet.  I will add to the post, or make a new one when I get them.

One more mention of Halloween…

The night before I was chatting with Jessica Carter, and we were sharing stories about our girls (she has 3 girls as well, and her twins are only a week older than Bronwyn). 

“You let her use scissors?  Aren’t you afraid she’ll cut something she isn’t supposed to?”

“Not really, what could she get anyway?”

“How about Holly’s hair?!”

“Nah, I am not worried, Bronwyn knows better, and besides, Holly wouldn’t let her anywhere near her hair”.

Next morning, I am on the phone with my sister, also loudly proclaiming that Brownyn would never cut her hair or anyone else’s. 

Ahem, wait for it…


She hated that drape!

Not 10 seconds after that phone call was when Holly raced in.  The hairdresser was really nice, and we ended up just trimming the baby ends, and leaving her new “bangs” as is, in the hopes that they’ll grow out soon.

Bronwyn keeps asking me to tell her stories about when she was a baby.  I am documenting this stuff, so I will have stories for bedtime car while I am making supper who am I kidding, the child wants me to tell her stories for the entire time she is awake.  Literally.  If there is a pause in the talking at our house, it is filled with “tell me a story about when I was a baby”.  Holly has started too, so now I have to referee WHO gets a story about themselves that second.  I am running out of stories folks. 


Holly focussing on her avocado



Even Joss got some!


Not a fan...!

Just a little documentation to show my kids DO eat vegetables- and they even like them!!

In fact, Bronwyn turned down a piece of Halloween candy tonight because she wanted a “healthy snack, like avocado, or mango”. 

Expensive taste.

One last piece of hodgepodge:


Notice 4 are gone already? Plus 3 from the other batch...

I am going to guarantee that these are the tastiest non-fat, no-sugar, vegan (optional) muffins you have ever tasted.  In fact, they are better than most muffins period!  You can find the recipe here.  Happy baking!


2 Responses to “What do you get when you cross an elephant, a pumpkin, and a Piglet?”

  1. Erin November 12, 2009 at 1:28 pm #

    Oh Julie – I love you and your stories….can you tell me one about me?
    And the costumes – adorable! I love your girls, they are so cute.
    B is a smartie…I cut my own hair when I was a kid…I never thought of cutting my sisters hair!

    keep up the stories Julie, I think I speak for all readers when I say we love them!

    p.s. yes, I am due very soon…Nov. 20

  2. aunt linda November 13, 2009 at 5:25 pm #

    I gotta tell you Julie, my kids still asked for stories about themselves or their siblings til they were nearly teenagers. Good thing you blog, you’ve got a good record that way.

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