I should be flattered that she wants to be me…

31 Oct

The girls have discovered the joy that is playing HOUSE: “Holly let’s go play downstairs, I’ll be the mommy”. 

A few times now Bronwyn has pulled Holly down the stairs, loudly demanding that she call her “mommy” and using terms like “my daughter” and “dear”.  She came upstairs soon after requesting a snack for her “daughter”.  They wanted to go on a picnic and needed a snack.  I set her up with some raisins, cheese, and apples in a bag and handed her 2 sippys and a blanket and told her to knock herself out.  I heard them laughing and playing for about 45 minutes before they wandered upstairs, bored.  “I am her mommy” declared Bronwyn. 

Yesterday, when I told Bronwyn she couldn’t have a snack for their “picnic” she said, “ok”.  I headed to the other room to fold some laundry and heard the sound of the fridge door opening.  She had gone in and taken a brick of cheese, and split it between the two of them.  Holly was happily munching on her half when I demanded it back.  “I AM THE MOMMY” shouted Bronwyn. 

This morning I was in the bathroom when Holly raced in screaming in anger and crying.  She had a fistful of hair clutched in her fist.  “Bra Bra cut me MY hair” she wailed.  When confronted, Bronwyn calmly stated that she had to because she was her mommy and she needed a haircut. 

Anyone think she is taking this role-playing a LITTLE too far?!


2 Responses to “I should be flattered that she wants to be me…”

  1. Joan October 31, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    Words can’t express my reaction! Wish you could see my eyes bugging out of my head! Have fun with that one!!

  2. Amanda November 1, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    Is it really wrong that I am laughing at this?! I really don’t know what to say, but I hope the teenage years don’t sneak up on you too fast. 🙂

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