5 months

30 Oct

Josselyn has now been in my arms for 5 months now.  Literally.  Her beginning weeks and months were so trying, that I almost didn’t notice the subtle changes that have been brewing for the past few days.  Last night, for instance, she started laughing for no reason.  She has the most engaging smile, and her laughing sounds like hiccoughing.  Very funny.  She is about 15 lbs now, and about 24 in.  Pretty much exactly average.  I can place her in her crib (yes crib, Holly relinquished it in favour of her bunkbed) awake and she won’t cry.  She joins us at the table for breakfast and supper, sitting up in her highchair like a pro.  When she isn’t staring at our food like she thinks she can teleport it to her mouth by sheer willpower, she is examining her toys to a degree as yet unseen by any but the most adventurous of early explorers.

She can sit on her own, assisted by only a pillow as back-up in case she gets tired.  She isn’t rolling yet, but she gets onto her side consistently, and reaches for toys she can’t get.  She is so happy after naptime, it is a pleasure to be around her.  I never thought I’d say it, but I look forward to when she is awake now.

Yesterday, I took the girls to the park, and then the other park, and then walked to the bank.  Then we went to the mall for supper and to get some groceries, and to mail some letters.  By the time we were done, it was almost bedtime.  Holly had peed in the bush twice, in Giant Tiger once (after a sweet lady overheard her asking to go pee and pointed out there was a public washroom in there) and at the mall once (on the tiny kid toilet every child loves so much!!).  And Joss hadn’t been fed or made a peep once.  She seemed to enjoy being fussed over in her new place at the front of the stroller, and gave smiles freely to all.  So except for a few well-meaning, but thoughtless remarks on her sex (no she is NOT a boy- can’t you see the hot pink hat?  Just because the other two are girls does NOT mean this one is a boy- even if she is in a cream coloured sleeper.  I DO own things that are not pink or purple.  Not many, mind, but some), it was a great evening. 


Joss in the dumptruck wearing a hardhat


Hanging out on her play mat


Hello Mr Kangaroo


This kangaroo is FUNNY mom!


I am happy because mommy never cleans my nose!


Hanging with her best bud, GM!!!


One Response to “5 months”

  1. Erin October 30, 2009 at 10:53 pm #

    I’m so glad to hear the Joss is over her fussiness. I can imagine that being so difficult (good thing she wasn’t the first!).
    You’d think the pink ANYTHING would be a BIG hint at her gender but some people really aren’t that smart. Anyone argue with you about her gender? lol
    I’m loving the posts Julie, this makes up for your severe lack of posts from earlier. You are forgiven!
    Love Erin

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