Whitewater= white hair

14 Sep

Last year, Bruce and I took several canoe trips down the Madawaska River.  Near our house there is a really nice set of rapids that make for an enjoyable day trip.  We got a babysitter, packed a lunch, booked a shuttle, and had a great time.  Once, while we were out, we ran into another couple.  We had seen them putting their boats in, and we saw them again near the middle.  But right after lunch, we noticed that they weren’t solo paddling like we thought… they had their kids babies with them!

We immediately paddled over and introduced ourselves.  Turns out you cantake kids whitewater canoeing.  They had a 2 year old and a 3 and a half year old.  They each had a paddle, and a helmet and they sat in front, one in each canoe. 


Seriously.  Wow.  We discussed it a lot after that.  When would we take the girls?  We really feel strongly that they should be exposed to the things we like even if they seem too young for them.  It is adventures like these that are more likely to stick in their memories, and we want them to have great, fun, esteem building memories like this to build on as they get older. 

We had decided that this summer would be appropriate, but with Josselyn here, it put a major wrench in those plans.  Bruce couldn’t take both, or even Bronwyn by himself, and there is no way I am bringing a BABY on the river, rapids or not. 

The solution fell in our laps unexpectedly.  Bruce’s family wanted to do a weekend trip on the Madawaska River, and I told Bruce he could go for the one day, but not with the bigger car (because I can’t fit all 3 in the Wave).  Bruce was disappointed, but he can’t carry the canoe on the Wave, and would need to take the Vibe if he wanted to go down the river with more than just his paddle.

Enter the SOLUTION:

Bruce would take Bronwyn!  I would be left with only 2 kids so he could take the car.  Was I happy about it?  That is a good question.  You see, I only liked the whole “adventure memory theory” in, well, theory.  What if something happened?  I am not a worrier.  At all.  And I know that Bruce would do everything he could to make sure she stayed safe.  But, always, in the back of my mind was the thought that if something happened, only I could help.  Like if something happened, Bruce would not be as qualified as me to save her.  I know Bruce thinks he is a better driver than I am.  Which he is.  And that is one of the reasons he does the driving.  But he doesn’t forbid me from taking the kids places because I might get into an accident.  So, even though I consider myself the superior swimmer/lifesaver/cool-head-in-an-emergency parent, he might does not agree.  And so I kissed my baby goodbye, and wished them good luck, and placed them in God’s Hands.

He ended up being 5 and a half hours late. 

What is a girl to think?  I was pretty confident that they weren’t drowned.  I would have gotten a phone call.  But I couldn’t help but picture them stranded on a deserted road with a flat.  Or cold and mosquito bitten waiting for a shuttle that never showed up.  Or even on the side of the highway coming home because they ran out of gas or something.  Nothing terrible, but all things that I felt Bronwyn needed her mommy for. 

Turns out, she didn’t need me, and the reason they were late?  She was having so much fun, they decided to stay with the group for supper. 

My baby is growing up, and making memories without me.

She had her own paddle

She had her own paddle

Gathering firewood

Gathering firewood

Daddy -daughter time

Daddy -daughter time

Hanging with her aunties aka the Big Girls!

Hanging with her aunties aka the Big Girls!


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