I’ve never actually forgotten her…

10 Sep

Josselyn has been so good today that I totally forgot she was upstairs.  I mean, I didn’t forget she was here in this house.  Like I’d left her at the store, or in the car or something.  But sometimes, I forget where I have left her.  Occasionally, when I go to get her from her bed I realize she is actually in mybed.  Nothing really stops the heart like going in to pick up your crying infant and not being able to FIND HER.  Another time, I knew she was in her room, but couldn’t see her in the crib.  Yep, she was in the carseat at my feet.  Fussing away while I searched under blankets, thinking I was losing my mind because I could hear her but not see her.  Another time, she actually WAS in a different spot from where I had left her.  I came into her room to find her on the floor beside her carrier (where I had left her unbuckled while she slept) and Holly standing over her with a proud look on her face.  There followed a very stern lecture on why we do not pick up our infant sister.  Ever.  Ever…. EVER!  Sheesh.

But there might be some truth to the saying “you’ve lost your mind”.  Case in point: I just got up to fetch a snack for Bronwyn (became startled at the sight of Joss in her carrier in the kitchen AGAIN) and have completely lost track of what I was going to say next.  Bear with me folks, this can’t last, right?!

While I wait for that wandering thought to reappear, let me share a postscript of my last entry.  I was discussing the birth order of my kids with some friends, and lamenting Holly’s middle-born status.  I have this idea that she has somehow lost the Birth Order Lottery, and I find myself trying to make it up to her.  Like holding Bronwyn back from activities until Holly can join in.  I need to stop this thought process because I know that she is going to pick up on the fact that I think that her place in this family is somehow less than optimal.  Just like kids pick up that certain foods are gross (except lint-covered raisins from the couch- a delicacy to children everywhere no matter how hard we act disgusted), and certain activities are uncool (think chess) she is going to pick up that her spot is not the best spot.  When really, all the spots are good.  Not bad.  Just different.  

So when I heard this woman reproach me for my whine-fest over her stuck-in-the-middle status, she gently reminded me that Holly was the only sister to be both a big sister AND a little sister. 

Huh.  I hadn’t thought of that. 

And it’s true: she enjoys a unique position in the family that no one else can lay claim to. 

…If I remember nothing else this week, I hope I remember that.

Yes she is in the bathtub with her pyjamas on, why do you ask?

Yes she is in the bathtub with her pyjamas on, why do you ask?

She takes this particular Big Sister task especially seriously, swinging Josselyn even when she doesn't want her to

She takes this particular Big Sister task especially seriously, swinging Josselyn even when she doesn't want her to


One Response to “I’ve never actually forgotten her…”

  1. Elaine September 11, 2009 at 4:36 pm #

    I have a few points to make about this blog…let’s hope I remember them all…

    First, Holly’s spot in the birth order of her family sucks. Period. (ok, I just had to get up to help Ethan, so now I REALLY hope I remember everything I was going to say! LOL!)
    She does have a unique place NOW but what happens when you have ANOTHER girl (and we all know you are destined to only have girls) and the Joss has the same designation? What then? Huh? I will always be there for Holly to cry on my shoulder at the injustices of being the middle child. *tear*

    Second, I heard a great sermon on CJTK the other day that made birth order take a whole new perspective. Scratch that, I heard it today…not that it matters…
    It was based on Rachel and Leah and the story of their sisterhood. Interesting stuff.

    Holly’s cute. That’s the real point of this, right?

    And I love the pic of Holly in the bath. Perhaps she learned that trick from Ethan? 😉

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