I blame inflation

31 Aug

Holly will be 21 months old this week (I can’t believe I am even writing this!!).  So, technically we are a bit behind on the potty training compared to Bronwyn.  But Holly is taking to it so much better and faster than Bronwyn did, so I am encouraged by the month later start.  On a side note, I was so engrossed in my reading of those old posts, I think I am going to try to copy them over here somehow.  Maybe a new page just for the old ones. 

Back to potty training.  Or toilet training, because Holly has no use for the potty.  She wants to sit on the toilet and can get up there herself.  Bronwyn only this month figured out how to get up on the toilet without a stool.  Holly isn’t there yet, but it won’t be long.  My mom claims that Elaine practically trained herself because she had me as a role model, and I see how that can be effective.  Holly wants to be just like her big sister, and this is just one more way to show she is big enough, fast enough and old enough to play with her. 

We started on Wednesday and she was about 50% successful.  Thursday was about the same.  Then Friday we had a total of 7 kids between Bronwyn and Josselyn’s age with only 3 moms, so I gave up and put her in a diaper.  She was starting to get discouraged with all her accidents, and I didn’t want her to give up before we had really started.  Then Saturday she was a pro!  Only one accident and it was totally my fault.  I didn’t get her to the bathroom in time after she told me she needed to pee.  Sunday was even better considering we were at church.  She even went for the nursery worker and no accidents at all!

Today I arrived home from my doctor’s appointment to find she had let the babysitter know she needed to pee, and was successful.  Then she pooped for me.  I know this is a lot of detail, but I am so amazed with how quickly she has mastered this skill.  She lets us know when she needs to go and she can stay dry for her naps occasionally. 

When Bronwyn started training I went the Smarties route.  One Smartie for a pee and 2 for a poop.  Holly gets 2 for a pee now and 3 for a poop.  How did that happen?  I don’t really care, they get so little sugar in their diet anyway (except at Nanni and Pappy’s, of course!!).  But we are racing through Smarties.  Another trip to the Bulk Barn soon.  The Smarties we have are from Bronwyn still!

Also, Holly can easily say mine go poop/pee toy-yet.  So much easier when they are able to communicate effectively.  I am loving it! 

Can you tell I am a proud mommy?!

Holly showing off her panties- like mother like daughter (a post for another time perhaps)


One Response to “I blame inflation”

  1. Erin August 31, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    Way to go Holly! We bought a potty a little while ago and though I don’t plan on starting yet (he’s not ready) I am eager to. He sits on his potty like Daddy but doesn’t stay long. Our only goal was to try to get him not to be afraid of it…success!

    I’m also curious about your “like mother like daughter” comment…besides an explanation can we also get a picture? I think that’s only fair!

    Keep blogging…I love em!

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