Typical Thursday

29 Aug

It is 6:45 pm on Thursday.  Thursday is the night Bruce goes into town to play Ultimate Frisbee with his friends, and I have to put the kids to bed myself.  I am attempting to get pjs on the older two when I feel that tell-tale warm moistness sliding down my bicep.  I heave the 3 month old off my shoulder and deftly wipe the spit-up with my shirt.  Classy.  I soon realize that even my size L t-shirt, which I threw on after the first one got soaked in Tropical Storm Bathtime, won’t sop up this mess and I place the baby on the floor while I head to the bathroom for a wet cloth.  “Don’t step on your sister,” I call over my shoulder. 

“Which one?” 



“Oh, ok.”

If I had said Holly, what would she have done, I wonder?

7:00pm.  The kids are at the table and the baby is protesting in her swing.  I decide to offer a special snack to bribe them to go to bed.  I pull out… dum dada DUM… DUNKAROOS!  I wait for the thunderous applause.  I might be the best mother in the whole world. 

“I don’t like those”.  

What the… 

Who doesn’t like DUNKAROOS?!  They are cookies and icing.  Cookies that you dip INTO icing.  The icing is orange for crying out loud.  My 3 year old apparently.  I offer her two blueberry and flax wafers.  She devours them.  There is no accounting for taste. 

We are coming up on 7:15pm.  The girls are tucked in their beds.  Josselyn is tucked firmly under one arm.  I have mastered the baby sway.  You know, where you sway so far to either side and back again you feel like you might fall over.  Or barf.  But babies love it, so we do it. 

I make a hasty exit, closing my ears and my heart to impassioned pleas for just.one.more.story/kiss/hug/snack/drink of water/I didn’t brush my teeth/I need to PEEEEEEEEE…

7:42.  I am almost finished this post.  I have been keeping an ear tuned for sleepy noises, as I know that it is suicidal to venture back upstairs before everyone is asleep.  Until then the dishes will remain unwashed, the toys will languish on the living room floor, and the baby will have to fall asleep down here tonight.  I know my girls don’t get the amount of attention I could give if they were spaced differently.  I blog so they can know, even if I can’t say it, how much I love having them.


One Response to “Typical Thursday”

  1. katrina September 10, 2009 at 11:15 pm #

    wow!!! 7 blogs to catch up on. What a treat! I commented on this one because it was my favourite. I think you’re totally the best mother in the world, dunkeroos or not. And you may not be able to give each child the individual attention that “you’d” like to, but they know it no other way (and know they’re loved) and I’m sure they will be so thankful for the blessing of having sisters so close together. (once they make it through the horribly hormonal and awful teen girl years 😐 …)

    Thanks for your blog. Seriously.

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