Got anything like that, Donut Lady?

17 Aug

Tim Horton’s is only a 15 minute brisk walk from my parent’s house.  We have been here a week, and have made the trek so many times, the stroller knows how to get there by itself.  It is a great time-waster between supper and bedtime, and the kids get a kick out of getting Timbits for a snack.  It occurred to me today that we may be frequenting the place too often when one of the employees started waving frantically at me while I was walking down the street.  It was one thing for me to recognize her, but worse that she recognized me!

Fast-forward a few hours and the same employee is now atwork.  We place our order: one large double double with milk, one large iced coffee with milk, and 10 Timbits.  Neither Elaine or I was really interested in the Timbits (baby weight and all), but we wanted some for the kids.  Now, it might seem obvious to order 12, seeing as there are 3 children.  But, the last time I was there, and tried to order a dozen, the young boy behind the counter looked so confused, and so terrified, that I amended my order to 10.  Apparently they come in boxes of 10.  So, even though it would be an odd number, I thought I’d make things easier by just ordering a traditional amount.  Even though there is no actual difference in price when they are bought in multiples of 10; and, the box can certainly accommodate 2 extra donut holes; but, especially, since Stephanie had royally confused this same girl the night before by ordering (heaven help us) a DECAF iced coffee (we don’t make those. i know, just take a cup of ice and pour decaf coffee over it with cream and sugar. but it won’t be cold. yes it will. are you sure. i have ordered this before. so do you want the coffee syrup. yes. and milk and sugar. no, just the regular syrup and coffee and ice. an iced coffee. but decaf. we don’t have that….). 

I carefully explained that we wanted 3 dutchies, 6 plain, and 1 cruller (for Elaine- someonehad to eat it!).  Three cruller?  No, 3 dutchie, 1 cruller.  Six plain?  Yes.  And 3 cruller.  Wait!  ONE cruller.  Yes yes 3 cruller.  NO!  ONE cruller, 3 DUTCHIE!!  Three plain?  SIX PLAIN!!!  Yes yes.

When we were finally on our way (and after an older man asked me, politely, whether I was planning on repopulating the earth single-handedly) I opened the box to discover she had given us 12 donuts instead of 10. 

Maybe we should have done the subtraction for her!


3 Responses to “Got anything like that, Donut Lady?”

  1. Erin August 18, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    LOL….I would have paid money to sit and watch from a near by table!

  2. Amanda August 18, 2009 at 8:05 pm #

    So they do, or don’t sell timbits by the dozen?! 🙂

  3. Heather Sztanyo August 18, 2009 at 9:27 pm #

    how exactly can anyone ask, POLITELY, if someone is planning on repopulating the earth single-handedly???! If that were me I’d give him a look and say he might need a refresher on the birds and the bees if he thinks it possible to repopulate the earth either single or handedly. 😉

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