Baby’s first trip to NYC

5 Aug

Marlys got married this weekend.  When we attempted to cross the border, the attendant asked us who she was marrying (what kind of question IS that anyway- did he think he was going to know him?!?!).  When we responded: Jose Rodriguez, he laughed and said that he must be American.  We just shook our heads and drove on.  After relating the incident to Marlys later, she laughed too.  She and he were stopped a few months earlier and made to wait.  Apparently there is a very bad man with the same name with warrants out for his arrest.  The guy recommended Jose get some sort of special sticker from the governement to attach to his passport to support his claim that he was not THAT Jose Rodriguez.  *Roll My Eyes*.

Josselyn did well enough on the trip.  I took advantage of the horrible traffic on the I81 to breastfeed her, and only needed to stop twice.  The drive home was much quicker (even with a 3 hour stop at the outlets). 

The wedding was lovely, the bride was gorgeous, and the accommodations were adequate.  There were a few snags (like when Bruce, Joss and I were trapped in the elevator- true story!), but we managed to talk our way into free breakfast the last day!

Our little family decided to follow some of his cousins into NYC the day after the wedding.  It was great.  It rained the whole time, but it only took us an hour and forty minutes by plane, train and automobile.  Bruce carried Josselyn in the Moby wrap, so I only had to worry about getting my new leather sandals from getting wet.  Every time it started to rain hard though we took cover in a building.  The first time we ate lunch at a wonderful (cheap) Chinese place.  Then we took refuge in St Patrick’s Cathedral.  I am reading “World Without End” by Ken Follett (the sequel to my favourite book “Pillars of the Earth”).  It was fascinating to put a bit of an experience to the description of cathedrals in the books.  It was awesome to just see the magnificence of the architecture when I know how it was built, but to imagine it from the viewpoint of a 12th century peasant who thought God made the roof stay up, was humbling. 

The downside of the whole trip?  Bruce’s uncontrollable cough and high fever.  I kept him dosed with drugs, but was limited in what he could take since he needed to drive.  I offered to drive, but he also gets carsick in the passenger side… in the end we figured it was better for him to cough than vomit. 

The older girls stayed with my parents while we were away, and my mom related some stories of her own.  While my dad was levelling the motor home, Holly was able to get the RV in gear and it started to roll away with my dad outside!  My mom threw Ethan on the couch and jumped over the middle console to slam on the brakes.  The only one hurt was Holly, when her feelings were broken into teeny tiny pieces over the injustice of having her game stopped (with loud cries of panic no less). 

Upon our return I learned that 2 of my friends have had their babies.  Only Elaine left!

I am leaving in the morning to be reunited with my daughters.  I miss them terribly… although I could get used to the quiet!

Joss and Bruce in Times Square

Joss and Bruce in Times Square


4 Responses to “Baby’s first trip to NYC”

  1. Aunty Stephy August 5, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

    Seems like you had quite the weekend. Where can we find pics of the wedding??

  2. Amanda August 6, 2009 at 11:41 am #

    I want to see pics of NYC too. Funny, with everything else going on with keeping the 3 of them entertained this is the first I have heard of Holly’s driving skills. Betweem the my phone and your parent’s motorhome, I think she’s about ready to move out on her own! 🙂

  3. vanessa August 6, 2009 at 11:55 am #

    juie you crack me up!

  4. Erin August 6, 2009 at 7:31 pm #

    I can totally picture Holly putting the RV in gear and your mom racing to the rescue…so funny.
    Glad to hear the wedding went well…post some pictures already;)

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