She calls herself a “three-ager”

25 Jul

Some things you may not know about Bronwyn:

Has more mood swings than a pregnant teenager going through menopause.

Spontaneously tells you she loves you.

Uses the same punch-line for every knock-knock joke: eg. broccoli us in, it’s raining out here!

Can draw a person with a body, legs, arms and a head.  And eyes… 2 of them.  Her favourite subject is the Verse-inator from Soccer Camp, striped shirt and all.

Likes to pretend she is a super hero and save the day.

Told me this story yesterday at dinner: Once upon a time there was a baby who peed in his bed.  The mommy cleaned it up and said, “naughty baby”.  Then she put the baby in the dishwasher.  The End. 

Can say Grace.  And does.  Repeatedly.

Sleeps in the top bunk of her bunk bed.

Informed me we can only have another baby if it is a brother.

Loves to go shopping and will insist on visiting “one more store”.

Is 35.5 in and 28 lbs.

Does not know her alphabet, is sketchy on letter and number recognition, and can count to 13 only when prompted.

Her grammar is nearly flawless, and she makes very few mistakes.  Most notably replacing “her” for “she”.

Her best friend is Baby Pig.  He does everything with her, and has nearly a whole wardrobe of clothes.  His middle name is Serena and is Lambykins sister incidentally (yes I know- they are boys AND sisters)!

Can order off the Boston Pizza menu by herself.

Her favourite tv show continues to be Little Bear, but she also enjoys 4 Square (cringe), Berenstein Bears, and Franklin.  FYI, my faves include My Friend Rabbit, and Word World.

Still eats Raisin Bran topped with Mini Wheats for breakfast every morning.

Hates using objects for what they were intended: wipes box= crib for Baby Pig; colourful scarf= fishing rod; lego pieces= display case for her rock collection.

Had her first visit to the dentist, and now wants to floss her teeth every night!

Is not a literary snob and will listen to everything from Clifford to Amanda Pig to Jillian Jiggs.

Is a serious, creative child who can always make me laugh!

Bronwyn at Soccer Camp

Bronwyn at Soccer Camp

Bronwyn is thrilled with her new fishing rod- Happy Birthday Baby!

Bronwyn is thrilled with her new fishing rod- Happy Birthday Baby!


3 Responses to “She calls herself a “three-ager””

  1. joan July 25, 2009 at 5:55 pm #

    i can’t believe she’s 3 already!!!! she’s growing up so quickly 😦
    ps: i can’t even order off of the boston pizza menu by myself– what a girl!

  2. Erin July 25, 2009 at 9:14 pm #

    oooo, I love learning more about your girls….do this for all of them:)!!!
    Bronwyn is awesome!

  3. Anne mobach July 26, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    word world is a fav in our house too!!!

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