It’s like having my first all over again

19 Jun

When Bronwyn was born, I felt free.  Sure I had a kid, but she was contained in a carrier, and she had her soother, and I was having fun doing all the things I couldn’t do when I worked.  People- strangers- approached me constantly.  They wanted to see the baby.  They ooh-ed and aah-ed, and coo-ed and said horribly inappropriate things like “are you sure she’s a girl?”.  True story. 

I chatted it up with moms everywhere.  It was awesome.  I am not an extrovert exactly, but I am invigorated by being around people.  It makes me happy and relaxed to interact with others (conversely, Bruce is recharged by spending time alone).  So, to have Bruce home is doing wonders for my mental sanity.  How?  By going places with me, and playing with the girls.  This leaves me free to “work the park scene”, baby on shoulder; toddler free.  Wrapping said baby in an ultra cute receiving blanket helps me pick up twice as fast! 

Wednesday night we went shopping for a baby gift, and since it was supper time when we finally quit, we decided to go out to eat.  Side note:  Brownyn is at a super helpful age right now where you can actually use her to accomplish tasks.  For example, while I was feeding Josselyn in the corner of Harveys, Bronwyn sat with me, and Holly went with Bruce to order.  I realized I had forgotten to remind Bruce how I preferred my hamburger, so I asked Bronwyn to run to daddy and give him this message: “mommy says extra pickles, no mayo, yes hot peppers”.  I asked her to repeat it and sent her on her way.  I could hear her clear, ringing voice across the restaurant reciting my message perfectly.  I can see this being useful!

Anyway, after supper we decided to hit the park for half an hour to tire the kids out before bed.  While Bruce pushed them on the swings (yes for 30 minutes straight), I was picked up by a mom.  I say picked up, because how else can you describe it?  She descended on me and my chick magnet (aka Baby Joss) and proceeded to flirt with us.  I learned all about her kids, her job, her husband, her views on swaddling, and the fact that she feels guilty that she hasn’t had time to potty train her 3 year old yet.  All the while holding Josselyn (she had wrested her from my feeble grasp within minutes). 

I may be nearing 30 with 15 lbs of unwanted Bronwyn weight (yes kid, I blame you!), but at least my husband won’t get jealous, and it doesn’t matter that I have a kid.


One Response to “It’s like having my first all over again”

  1. Amanda June 20, 2009 at 11:47 am #

    You make me giggle…nothing like some shameless flirting that won’t get you in trouble. Work it girl! 🙂
    Glad to hear things are all going well, if a little sleepless. This to shall change, or perhaps it already has.

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