A year in the making

25 May

No I am not referring to the as-still-as-yet-gestating babe in my overstretched belly.  But maybe I am the only one who is so overcome with the thought of my impending labour and delivery that I can’t think about anything else, and see references to her everywhere!  But actually, the title refers to the quilt that I made for Bronwyn.  I started it about a year ago, and just completed it last week.  I am pretty proud of the finished product, and although it is not perfect, it is just what I wanted.

My first quilt

My first quiltBronwyn likes it!

And just because I have a bit of time, here are some additional photos from the weekend.  Maybe our last weekend as a family of four!
Now we need to get a little saddle

Now we need to get a little saddle

I forgot to mention in the above picture, Holly was the one who managed to get Nevis to stay still long enough to climb on, then she kept patting his back and saying “good dog” while Bronwyn climbed up.  I was in the house getting the camera- they did the whole thing themselves.
Enjoying some watermelon in the back yard
  Enjoying some watermelon in the back yard


Bruce and his girls!

Bruce and his girls!

I had intended to post more pics, but this will have to tide you over for a bit until I have some more time.

Although with my track record lately, the next pictures you might see here will be of the new baby at 3 months old!


5 Responses to “A year in the making”

  1. joan May 25, 2009 at 12:53 pm #

    i love it! the quilt looks amazing, and i have no idea how you did that! i also love the pictures; i always love the pictures. my favourite this time was of holly in her two piece with her massive belly hanging out– baby bellies are the best!
    can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby howarth!

  2. Erin May 25, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    Wow Julie. I am impressed! Can’t wait for pictures of Brulie (please name her Brulie)
    Love of love!

  3. Gussy May 25, 2009 at 8:15 pm #

    I love the new pics, and stories of course. I can’t believe how big those girls are getting.

  4. Amanda May 25, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    Still?!?!? You gotta let go eventually, you know that right. 🙂
    BTW, the quilt is absolutely amazing. Personally, I think I am on year 17 of the quilt that I started, come to think of it, I don’t even know where it is. Even more impressive, it took a year, with 2 young ones.

  5. linda May 26, 2009 at 9:31 pm #

    LOVE the quilt, its beautiful

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