A mother in time for Mother’s Day

27 Apr

I don’t think you can call yourself a mother until you stay up all night with 2 puking toddlers.  I probably could have gone my whole life without that particular experience; but then what could I contribute when all the other moms talk aboutthose nights?!  I am pretty sure Joan knows what I am talking about here, and I trust the rest of you will find out soon enough (if you haven’t already).  It could have been worse actually.  We still ended up staying way too late playing Rock Star with friends (and subsequently leaving them to clean up 2 vomit-y beds, and several pairs of pjs, but luckily, not their own daughters- knock on wood).  Then sunday, both girls slept all day, and (miracle of miracles) all night at well.  They woke up this morning hungry and happy.  And what a day!  It got up to past 30 degrees here, and despite the overwhelmingly annoying wind, was quite nice. 

Bronwyn spent most of the day bossing Holly around:

You HAVE to wear a hat (as she attempts to shove one on her head).

I don’t want you playing with MY water table.

Here, drink your juice (tries to tip cup into her mouth).

GAH!  And yet, at the end of the day, she climbed into the tub with Holly because she said she didn’t want to take her bath alone and would much rather have a bath with her sister: “NO Holly, that is MY end of the bathtub.  YOU sit over there”.

In other news, Holly learned 2 new words today.  The first happened at breakfast.  Bronwyn let out an enormous belch and I mock chastised her ending with, “and what do you say?”.  She laughed and said that since she burped 4 times, she should say “excuse me” 4 times.  So I excused her 4 times and turned to look at Holly and give her a “your sister is so weird” look, and she beams back at me and says, clear as anything, “BURP”.  I am shocked, more that she pronounced it so clearly than actually said it, because if you know Holly at all… totally something she would do.  But like I said, SHOCKED, so I blurt out “what do you say, Holly?” and she just erupts into fits of giggles.  The potty humour is non-stop at our house, let-me-tell-you.

As a side note, I think Bruce is enjoying this stage.  He laughs harder than they do at anything even remotely resembling bathroom humour.  How long does this last?!?

So, Holly’s second word today was “jump”.  She was bouncing around on our stripped-down bed (sunny+windy=sheets all got washed today) with Brownyn after their bath, and chanting in a sing-song way.  It didn’t take long to figure out that she was saying “jump”.  I love how quickly she is picking up this talking thing.  She has even put some words together lately.  Like “more please” and “go dada”.  Soon there won’t be a minute of silence from sunrise to sunset around here.  And if there is, I am sure Baby Girl #3 will fill it with her own unique voice.  For Mother’s Day this year, I think I would like some earplugs.

Of course that would have me miss out on some really great conversations with Bronwyn.  I love hearing what goes on in her head.  And she has such a keen ear for rhyme and memorization.  She can recite a dozen or more nursery rhymes and poems.  She knows even more songs (although the ABC song is still sketchy at best!), and her tune is recognizable.  One of my favourites is Little Miss Muffet Muffin.  The closer she gets to 3, the further she gets from being my little baby.  And Holly is flying through the toddler stage even faster.  Good thing I’ve got another one cooking, I am going to need her soon!

Well, this post about our day wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the fabulous dinner Bruce made.  Stir-fry and potatoes with- get this- fresh turkey meat.  That’s right, folks: Bruce shot his very first turkey on opening day 2009!  I’ll leave you with some pics to prove it!

Bruce showing off his first turkey

Bruce showing off his first turkey

Bronwyn trying to steal some of the glory

Bronwyn trying to steal some of the glory


2 Responses to “A mother in time for Mother’s Day”

  1. Erin April 28, 2009 at 2:34 pm #

    I love your blogs Julie. Your girls are growing up so quickly! And bathroom comedy is number one at our house too. The boy just turned one and has been laughing at all kinds of bodily noises for months…can’t blame him though cause Jason and I laugh too.

    Also I wanted to agree with your mom that you should write a book. Your writing is so funny and refreshing!
    Love you

  2. joan April 29, 2009 at 8:20 pm #

    ha ha, you guys are such hicks 😀 i love the toddler crouched down beside the dead turkey. bryn’s just like “yeah, daddy in camo and a dead animal beside me. this is normal.”

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