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17 Apr

Bronwyn (on phone): Nanni!  Guess what?  I saw a fire truck.  LOTS of them!

My mom: Oh yeah?  Where?

B: At Becky’s and Josh’s house.  I saw the dogs Massey and Ferguson too, and played in the dirt.  And I saw a BIG firetruck!!

M: A big one? 

B: Yeah, because there was a FIRE!

M: Put your mother back on the phone…


That was the conversation (or as close as I remember it, I was laughing pretty hard) between Bronwyn and my mom Wednesday morning.  And now here is the story for the rest of you:

I made plans to go to Ottawa for the day on monday.  Bruce would watch the girls and I would buy carseats for the Vibe.  I met up with friends and had a great time.  When I go in around 11pm, Bruce wanted to hear all about my day.  He grilled me about everything.  What did I buy?  Where did we go?  How was Jenn’s new house?  What did I order for dinner?  Seriously, the guy needs to get out!

I politely asked him how his day went, and he replied: “not as interesting as yours”. 

“I thought you were headed to Josh’s for a bonfire?” I asked.  “Oh, well, we did.  But we didn’t get out until well after lunch, and the girls fell asleep in the car on the way… and, by the time got there all the good burning had been done…”.  And on and on the guilt-tripping unfolded.  He said that shortly after he arrived (and left the kids sleeping in the car) he and the other guys took off to start cutting down some trees to build up the fire after the hot dogs were finished.  But before they got too far, Becky started screaming for them to come back.  It turns out the wind changed and a bit of the fire leaped out and caught on the nearby grass.  So the guys trudged back and began stomping on it.  But it only got bigger.  So they tried kicking dirt onto it, but it was leaping all over the place (exit Becky to call the fire department).  The guys decided to get some water from the pond, but it was too late.  By the time the volunteer fire department arrived, the blaze was well underway and every member of our Bible Study group (minus myself, Rick, and Nicole- someone had to watch the kids!) had strapped on backpacks of water, or was working at clearing debris from in front of the barn, or was just generally working hard to keep the fire from heading near any of the houses or outbuildings.  The blaze wasn’t really controlled until the trucks arrived, and then the firefighters did a controlled burn for most of it, but around 3 acres of property were burned in the fire.  No one was hurt and no buildings were affected.  Praise God!  In fact, none of the 3 acres was even on their actual property.  The neighbours arrived home later and were very gracious about the whole thing I was told.

Meanwhile, the girls slept, and only woke up to see the trucks at the end.  Since Josh had to wait for the neighbours and talk to the fire chief etc, he and the womenfolk entertained the kids while Bruce and the guys went ATVing and “mudding”.  Mudding is where you take your truck down roads you wouldn’t dream of hiking down, and doing it as fast as you can.  Rick let Bruce drive and he was having a blast.  Until he ran over a bottle and blew the tire that is.

They had to wait for Joey and Kevin to find them on the ATV and then head back to the house for a tire repair kit and compressor.  Finally they limped back to the house several hours later.  But not before Bruce had a chance to fire some of the guns they’d brought along. 

If I thought Heaven was designed in Hollywood, this would have been Bruce’s.


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