My husband’s best colour is Baby Poop Yellow

12 Apr
This Easter post will come in 2 parts, because, obviously, we are only halfway, and I have stuff to write about.

Yesterday (Good Friday) saw us not on our way to church (HEATHENS!), but in the opposite direction.  We had been invited to join Bruce’s co-worker and his extended family at the “Sugar Shack”.  We were instructed to bring spare clothes and food for the kids.  We packed our cooler and threw some clothes into a bag and were out the door singing a made up song about going to the woods to make syrup.  Brownyn can’t get enough of made-up stories and songs.  If you won’t tell her one, she’ll tell herself one; or, if you are lucky, she’ll tell you one.

When we arrived it was colder than when we’d left the house, so out came warmer hats and coats.  We shouldn’t have worried.  The girls were so excited to be there.  Three other boys had arrived already, and we were quickly joined by our friends.  Their daughter is only 2 weeks older than Holly, and their son was the oldest at “4 next month”. 

The shack is aptly named since it is truly just 4 walls and a roof with a huge woodstove in the centre.  It was awesome.  The day warmed up, some more little girls arrived, and there was more food than Holly could eat!  Bronwyn loved collectingdrinking sap from the pails with Bruce, and Holly tried her hardest to pedal the little tricycle over the leafs and twigs.  They both got rides on the ATV, and Bronwyn felt like a Big Girl when she was able to do things with the “older” boys- bring wood to the stove, skim the syrup, pee on the snow…!

Holly’s favourite part of the whole day, I think, was coercingcharming food out of the other parents.  After she ate her own lunch, she wandered around to each family unit and stared at them, pitifully over-pronouncing the word “more” and jamming her tiny fists together (sign language for “more”).  She batted her eyelashes and if that didn’t work, she pulled out “more PLEEEEESSSSEEEE”?  Needless to say, she was offered the most desirable tidbits (hot chocolate, yogurt, marshmallows, chips, hummus, biscotti etc), and while she is munching away, the bewitched adult looks up guiltily and enquires if she “is allowed to have [this]”?  As I, too, am often spellbound by her enchanting ways, I just nod.  It isn’t like my lack of permission will stop her anyway.

See, she even made her FEED her the yogurt!

See, she even made her FEED her the yogurt!
Drinking her hot chocolate

Drinking her hot chocolate

First ride on the ATV

First ride on the ATV

Holly liked the ATV too, she is sucking her thumb because she didn't get a nap that day!

Holly liked the ATV too, she is sucking her thumb because she didn't get a nap that day!

See, she wouldn't even get off!

See, she wouldn't even get off!

Holly triking it

Holly triking it

Bronwyn, helpfully showing me where the sap is

Bronwyn, helpfully showing me where the sap is

End of the day

Clearly we are nearing the end of the day!


Except not for me, because I had dinner with friends that evening.  We spent over 4 hours in the restaurant, and it went by too fast.  I love my kids, but I also love the refreshment that comes from getting away from them.  Their constant need for my attention and care is taxing to my body and mind.  The mental exertion  expended in keeping track of them/their stuff/their needs is akin to running back-to-back marathons… EVERY DAY! 

So I arrived home refueled in body and refreshed in spirit to discover a husband with plans to drive 45 minutes to the Sierra Designs outlet store for a long weekend sale.  What the heck- I am always up for shopping!  We were able to score a great sleeping bag for Bruce, some fleece pants for me, and a trunkload of Christmas Presents!  You’ll know who you are in 8 months!

We were feeling good about the trip, so we stopped for brunch at a diner (SO yummy), where the breakfast special is only $4.  Three Specials between the 4 of us was the perfect amount of food.  I can’t believe how agreeable Brownyn is being about eating these days.  Even saying things like “big girls LIKE potatoes Holly, but you can have some too.  You’re a little girl, not like me, I am a BIG GIRL.  Holly likes her potatoes too.  Big girls AND little girls like potatoes”. 

Yes dear.

I hate that I tune her out sometimes, she can be so funny!


2 Responses to “My husband’s best colour is Baby Poop Yellow”

  1. joan April 12, 2009 at 6:24 pm #

    sounds like you guys had a great weekend. i’m a little jealous of the amount of fun that you guys seem to have despite your (nearly) 3 children. i miss adventure…
    ps: bronwyn looks so much like steph in that hot chocolate picture!

  2. Amanda April 13, 2009 at 1:50 am #

    i am so jealous that you are only 45 mins from the sierra designs outlet! making syrup is so AWESOME, we do it every other year and truly rough it…no shack here.
    btw, based on lunch today, ricky is the name of choice as your brother really thinks the latest howarth should be named after him. 🙂 yes, i made it up for lunch and dessert today. and apparently i’ll see you up there in august.
    can’t wait to hear what the rest of the w/e had in store.

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