I got a B+ on my test… Influenza that is.

5 Apr

Well folks, here I am again.  I seem to have more than my usual amount of free time to post here.  Of course there are still dishes to be done, toys to be tidied, and laundry to be folded; but, really, that stuff isn’t going anywhere. 

Today, Bruce and I took the girls to the pool.  I made the mistake of telling Bronwyn at lunchtime that we were all going to the pool that afternoon, and paid for it for the next hour.   She was so excited she didn’t finish her lunch, wanted to get into her bathing suit Right. Now. and was jumping around the house like Tigger, until I started to wonder if she thought we never went anywhere.  Which is clearly not true, but we have been staying home a lot lately (what with my being so sick, and the weather being so helpful in determining that our sump pump still works rainy.  So I rolled my eyes (they are so going to fall out one day) and let Bruce handle the girls while I handled the bags. 

The thing about packing any kind of bag when you have a toddler who likes to put things in and take things out of bags faster than the speed of light, is that by the time you think you are done, you realize there is actually nothing IN the bag and you need to start over.  Except now you are confronted with finding the things you need in places they don’t actually go.  I am surprised we leave the house as prepared as we do. 

Holly was better in the pool than last time, and with a more one-on-one defense, instead of my usual Zone, we were able to contain the chaos more easily.  Parents:1 Children: 974.

We took them out of the crowded baby side and into the way-more-interesting shallow end.  Which became the deep end.  Which almost became the slide, until Bronwyn chickened out.  Bruce had Bronwyn swimming on her own, holding a noodle, and her kicking was improving by the end.  Both girls were blowing bubbles, and Bronwyn even put her face in the water.  Once.  Bronwyn was also jumping into the pool, but if you tried to get Holly to do it, she just ran away.  “No running on the deck”!!  Whose kid are you?!??

All in all, a successful expedition.  And now, hopefully, Bruce will be confident enough to take them himself this summer while I sip strawberry daquiris and read trashy romance novels at home sleep and take care of Nameless. 

Hmmm… Nameless Joelle.  Not bad, we can add it to the list!


One Response to “I got a B+ on my test… Influenza that is.”

  1. Erin April 5, 2009 at 11:48 pm #

    No running on the deck…ah Julie, once a lifeguard always a lifeguard!

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